In Between Clubs – Is This a Real Problem?

During the BMW Championship, I overheard several caddies talking to the player about yardage and how to adjust the grip on the club to ensure that they can make a full swing. This adjustment indicates that the player was in-between clubs for the yardage they wanted to hit. As I thought about my game compared to theirs, I rarely feel that I am in between clubs and the yardages I assess are plus or minus 5 yards anyway. So I ask, is being in between clubs a real problem for amateurs or is it something at only professionals need to be concerned with?

Is being in between clubs a real problem for amateur golfers?

I understand that all players have yardages we hit our clubs too. In my case, the distances were honed over years of practice and effort to understand how far a standard club will travel. This distance, 150 yards for my 7 iron for example, does not account for wind, lie, heat, and any number of other factors I think about before I make a swing.

Interestingly, I rarely am in between clubs because of the factors influencing my swing and the fact that I do not hit my clubs perfectly (like on the range) all the time, so the percentage of error is much larger as an amateur that it would be for a professional.

Hitting it pure every time is a challenge for amateurs. How do you compensate for this?

I use electronic distance devices to determine exact yardage to the pin. This number is very valuable, yet regardless of the number, I still hit full shots into the green no matter which club I select. Of course, inside of 110 yards, that is different because my short game demands a different approach. However, outside that 110 yards, it is full shots all the way. Now some will counter and suggest that I am over simplifying the matter and but with my percentage of error being 5 yards or so, I will generally hit the longer club and swing full. The number of times I am over the back is so rare, that the decision making process becomes a none issue. 

So I am back to my original question, is being in between clubs a real problem. Well, I guess it is for professionals, but I do not seeing it being an issue for amateurs. I know that if focus on what I can hit and to a yardage within 5 yards of the pin, I am doing great! So the bottom line for my game, being in between clubs is not a problem.

Is it a problem for your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “In Between Clubs – Is This a Real Problem?

  1. Very few of us actually practice anything but full swings at the range. I remember watching a video years ago of Anika giving golf tips. She proposed that we should practice being able to hit any distance with at least three clubs. I’ve done lots of practice that way since then. Because of that, at the 150 yardage you mention, I can hit my 7, 6, or 5 iron to 150 and do a pretty good job of it with a 4 too. Which club I choose to do the job becomes a choice of the ball flight I want and how much roll out I’m looking for. Like you, I’m still hoping for plus or minus 5 in any direction but having options helps me do that more consistently.

    This week I had another good game out there. I shot 1 under on the front 9 and 3 over on the back. But that was where my luck ended. On the way home, some lady decided to drive the wrong way on a one way street and broadsided me as I was crossing at a light just four blocks from home. Thankfully no one was hurt, but I’m afraid my car is history.

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    • Kevin

      Oh my! I am very glad no one was hurt. Cars can be replaced!

      On a golfing note, great round. I would take that about now. I also like Anika’s advice. I do not peactice it, but maybe I sjould. Thanks for being it up.

      Cheers Jim


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