Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

For years I have chased the perfect golf shot. I realized after more failures than successes, that the perfect golf shot is an illusion. What I really want to do is hit a solid golf shot and let the rest take care of itself. The reason of the change resulted from using a wet golf mat during practice. Continue reading

In Between Clubs – Is This a Real Problem?

During the BMW Championship, I overheard several caddies talking to the player about yardage and how to adjust the grip on the club to ensure that they can make a full swing. This adjustment indicates that the player was in-between clubs for the yardage they wanted to hit. As I thought about my game compared to theirs, I rarely feel that I am in between clubs and the yardages I assess are plus or minus 5 yards anyway. So I ask, is being in between clubs a real problem for amateurs or is it something at only professionals need to be concerned with? Continue reading

Generate More Power – Part 2

The internet is an awesome resource.  It has almost everything one could image.  This tool has enabled me to make contact with many like-minded golfers who, just for fun, seek the holy grail of golf excellence.  After my earlier post on how to generate more power in your golf swing, I asked a knowledgeable golfer and he provided me with an awesome video about when your hands should release during your golf swing.

Troy Vayanos, Hitting It Solid, is from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia who has played golf for over 20 years. Like the rest of us, enjoys teaching and helping golfers online and loves hearing about improvement in people’s golf game.  Thanks for your help Troy!

I often questioned when to release my hands during my golf swing.  I have tried many different approaches and have not really felt comfortable with the results.  The video below explains and demonstrates exactly what I was looking for.  Mostly, I like the fact that I have a visual aid to help me understand when to release my hands.

What do you think?

As the winter unfolds, I hope to find more experts like Troy to help fill in our knowledge gaps.  Now I just need to try the advice on the range.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!