Open Or Closed Putting Stance

I cannot count the number of references (maybe using reference is overly kind) that offer the key to great putting. There is no aspects of the putting stroke that has not been analyzed. I created my own 5 part putting series, but that was more a ‘world according to’ than a definitive bible on how to putt. One of the the aspects of putting that is often overlooked is the position of our feet. How we stand drives so many aspects of our putting stroke and yet……

Personally, I keep my feet parrellel to thee inch line front and back of the ball, on my intended line, because this helps me maintain a natural putting motion. I added a video that best explains my putting stroke.

After watching the above video, you can see how an open or closed putting stance would cause me to miss my intended line. With an open stance I would miss left and a closed stance, right. This is not an unusual error for most players and one we try avoid with out pre-shot routine.

In my case, I set my putter in place and align my feet parrallel to the my line. At this point, my feet are perpendicular to the putter face. The sharper the angles the better: 180° for parrallel and 90° for perpendicular. The closer I am to these angles, the more consistent I putt. To repeat myself, I rely on my pre-shot routine to put me in the right place for every putt.

As you practice your putting stroke, take the time to look at your feet. If you are standing open or closed, I might suggest adjusting your feet to the positions I mentioned above. This might help you hit your line more often than not and lower your overall putting strokes per round.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Open Or Closed Putting Stance

  1. Jim, I agree that square works best for most folks. I’ve experimented with open and closed for comfort. The key is to keep the shoulders square, then do what you want with your feet because slightly open or closed won’t affect path like it does with full swing because the putter stroke is relatively short.

    Are you out practicing yet? Looks like the weather is good up there!


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    • Brian,

      You are right about our shoulders when putting, I however find it uncomfortable when my hips and shoulders are not aligned.

      I was starting to practice, however the minus 7 and snow this morning put a stop to all of that. Likely next week I can start in earnest. This is typical weather for us before Easter. All good though. Not long now. How about you, how did your 9 holes go on the weekend?

      Cheers Jim

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      • Jim, I practiced for two hours on Saturday but didn’t play. Spending a lot of time working with this claw putting grip. Was going to play on Sunday but it rained. I’ve got this new routine where I practice and play tennis on Saturday, then play golf on Sunday, but the weather needs to cooperate. Should be doable this weekend!



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