Forgetting To Follow The Process

Golf is all about process. I am not sure you subscribe to this view of golf, but no matter how you try to build your game, process has to be at the heart of your efforts. As spring is springing, I routinely work on my game, bet my equipment ready and start focusing on how to play again. This all seems very natural, but each step or task is all part of the bigger process so I am ready to hit my first golf ball of the year!

The wonderful thing about any process is that we are always looking for ways to make improvements. Generally, we are not satisfied with the norm or steady state and our golf processes are not different. In my case, I have two processes going at the same time. The first is the overall (big picture) process where I monitor all the little cogs and gears of my game to give myself the best chance to shoot my lowest score each time out.

The second process is one where I tweak the a specific area to see if will improve the efficiency or end result of my game. This process is less dramatic than the first and can be very subtle at times. But, it is a process that I keep at the for front of my efforts.

And sometimes, I am just playing golf. That in itself is a process of maintaining the positive successes.

I use the term processes when approaching my game because it helps me stay focused and allows me to analyze the goods, bads, and uglies. It helps me mentally stay focused and heading down the proper path. You can use whatever word you choose, but I suggest that your efforts are all part of a process of trying to improve your golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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