The Importance of Ball Position For A Consistent Golf Swing

The position of our golf ball is vital to hitting solid, consistent shots. It is something that I spend (spent) a great deal of time working out to ensure I am getting the most out of every club. Even though I practice this important fundamental of my golf swing, I still have challenges from time to time depending on course conditions, weather, and my swing of the day. This is the easiest part of my pre-shot routine I mess up even though I am cognitive of my error. But alas, I found a video that will help me worry less and focus more on better ball position.

What I like about the video below is that he explains that every golfer is different. Regardless of our skill level, positioning of the ball has a tremendous impact on our successes when playing. Take a look:

Personally, I used the sliding ball position method vice keeping the ball in one spot. I have found that my swing is built around moving the ball position in my stance. Hence, I have practiced this fundamental to a good deal of success.

I do fall into the pitfall from time to time of my ball creeping up in my stance during a round. How do I know you may ask, well that is a great question. There are three tells that demonstrate my ball position is poor. First, I either hit the ball consistently fat or thin. Second, my ball flight is not as expected with the club I am using. Lastly, I pull the ball left on almost every shot. You can see from my tells that my ball creeping up in my stance is something I am aware of, but still need to focus on maintaining the proper ball position for every shot.

Golf is not a difficult game if we remember all the fundamental tenets of a good golf shot. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget the little things, like ball position, and that affects my overall golf score. The only fix I know for this and other challenges is to ensure I follow my pre-shot routine…..always.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Ball Position For A Consistent Golf Swing

  1. Jim, like you I will slide ball position but find mine creeps backwards. I like to practice three ball positions with the short and middle irons and think it adds choices to my shot making toolbox. Done correctly, moving forward or back should control trajectory, so if you’re pulling the ball, it’s more likely you’re under rotating your hips and releasing a little early.




  2. I change the positioning based on desired shot shape, but how I judge that is where consistency has helped. I’ll take my practice swing for the shot I want to make and I’ll note where the club head brushes the ground. That gives me a good idea of where I need the ball in my stance so I’m not fighting the swing to get to the ball. And inconsistencies in my posture, stance, grip, whatever, are adjusted for pre-shot.


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