Looking Good At Osprey Links Golf Course

Spring is here! The temperatures are warming up, the snow is disappearing and my home course of Osprey Links is looking awesome. Spring has come a bit earlier this year and as a result we can still expect a few days of craziness….and the first one is today. The best thing about the rain, sleet and snow is that it will not stay and the extra moisture will not hurt the course. We just need some sun so things can dry up.

Looking down the 3rd hole at Osprey Links Golf Course – 25 March 2021

As you can see, the grass is still brown and the ground is very wet. But the 3 feet of snow is gone and brighter days are on the horizon! The temperature yesterday was definitely warm enough to play, but the course is not quite ready. I expect that the team at Osprey Links is chomping at the bit to get start preparing the course.

As mother nature does her thing and sparks growth on the course, I must remember that we are still 3 to 4 weeks away from opening day. Unfortunately, the golf bug just bit me and I excited get playing.

Looking backwards down the par 3, 2nd hole at Osprey Links Golf Course – 25 March 2021

I realize this might not look like much, but when your season is a short as ours, getting on the course as soon as possible is a wonderful thing. Last year, our first 9 holes was on May 16. So beating that date by 3 or 4 weeks will be awesome! I just need to be patient and know that golf is just around the corner.

So, for now I will continue prepping for the season in my DIY training areas. Additionally, I will be able to step up my training because I will be able to enjoy more outdoor activities. Are you golfing yet?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Looking Good At Osprey Links Golf Course

  1. Jim it’s going to be 80 today and I’m stuck behind my desk ☹️. Hopefully I’ll get out for 9 this weekend or definitely some practice. Glad to hear spring is early at your place.



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  2. I’m guessing that last 3 to 4 weeks feel like an eternity. It would for me. But happy to hear your trials begin again soon so you can join the rest of us in our self enforced misery. lol

    The practice I was doing tonight out on the range was with my wedges. I can’t hit a full swing safely on our little range but a smooth 80% was great with the sand wedge and a hard 80% worked pretty well with the lob wedge. Anyway, my purpose of the work tonight was turn. With all three wedges. But I wanted all the power pieces even if I couldn’t try and get the most out of them. Lots of times in golf I find that practicing the moves at slower speeds help me train my body to do it when I swing faster. And sometimes it allows me to feel things a lot better. Tonight the thing I made special note of was that my knee wasn’t the first thing to move. It was my heel that got the knee moving. I could almost forget about it. Almost. It still is something I kept cognizant of to make sure I was turning enough. But I wanted to bring it up because of something you said the other day in case it’s helpful.

    Anyway, that was a good workout. Short, but very instructive. The feedback was awesome. When I got everything exactly right, I could see the ball travel a little lower and farther, I could hear the difference in the strike, and the fact that divots disappeared told me I was shallowing out as good as any. After I hit two bags full, I switched to speed work. Just swinging, using the same method as best I could, faster and faster. I stood off in the rough and tried to just brush the top as I swung. Just maybe 5 minutes of that tonight. And just with my gap wedge. Next time I’ll take my driver down and start doing the speed work with that.

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    • Kevin

      Your practice sounds awesome. It is always a good thing to find positive aspects of your swing during training. I like the sound of your approach, especially that fact that you are not rushing anything. Keep it up!

      Cheers Jim


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