Continuing to Golf in 2021

With a spike in interest in 2020, the golf industry will try to sustain or capitalize on its growth. They are actively trying to keep all the new players coming back as the world will start to enter another phase of the new normal. I am interested to see if 9.3% increase in the number of rounds played in Canada in 2020 will continue as the COVID-19 restrictions change due to the rollout of the vaccines. (NGCOA) I wonder if the golf industry has a plan to further garner the interest of the players from last year. Or will the trend to return to the old numbers suddenly arise without warning.

Golf Canada, with the support of industry partners, has started a new initiative to entice the new players from last year and hopefully more players to return to golf through a media campaign. “GOLF IS CALLING features a vibrant and new look for golf. The campaign messaging and creative was informed by deep market research as well as creative trends from across industries and broader sport to reflect an industry-wide effort to promote golf participation. This season long, national marketing campaign features a fresh and inviting energy as the calling for Canadians to play more golf.”

“The campaign – GOLF IS CALLING – is a Canada-wide marketing initiative to speak to new, younger golfers as well as the community of avid players, each uniquely drawn to the game whether it be for exercise, the social experience or the challenge of the sport.”

This is definitely a positive start for the 2021 golf season. Only time will tell if Golf Canada’s efforts will pay off with an increase (or at least maintain) the number of rounds played this year.

I think that the golf industry will have more stressors on their bottom line because the other outdoor activities that peak the interest of new players will start to boil to the top of the pot. The old challenges of money, time, and access will continue to fester in 2021 because the golf industry has not been able to crack those nuts. I do remain optimistic that golf will continue in its popularity because it will still be the best option through 2021 to venture outdoors in a safe environment. Lets hope anyway!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Continuing to Golf in 2021

  1. Oh, I’m thinking golf is going to continue to grow for the next few years at least. Between covid giving it plenty of boost as a relatively safe activity, the latest batch of young superstars on the tour, and things like social media and youtube especially I think many a young person will be guided to the links in the coming years.

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