Osprey Links Match Play Championships

It is that time again for the Osprey Links Stroke and Net Match Play Championships to start. This is the second time I volunteered to run these events on behalf of Osprey Links. I volunteered to be the chairperson of the 2021 Osprey Links Match Play Championships. Like two years past (last year we did not run this event due to COVID), I offered to help lighten the administrative load of the awesome Osprey Links staff by spearheading the member’s only Stroke and Net Match Play events. The winner of each event receives a parking spot adjacent to the clubhouse. In addition to the parking spots, each winner of a match wins a sleeve of balls from the golf course.

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Happy Canada Day in 2021

The first of July is special to all Canadians because it is Canada’s Birthday. After the last crazy 16 months, I for one am looking forward to a new normal without the fear of COVID!

Happy Canada Day

Canada is 153 years young! As a Canadian, I have so much to be grateful for; I believe that Canada offers more to its citizens than any country in the world. We are not the biggest, richest, nor most influential, but in my opinion, we are the best! After spending 36 years of my life protecting this great country, I still marvel at its majestic and pristine beauty.

Happy Canada Day!

I am a grateful Canadian!

How Often Do You Shoot Your Golf Handicap Index

As a golfer, creating a handicap index is the a fundamental process important to your game improvement. I realize much of the local golfing industry has moved away from supporting a handicap index by the format of their tournaments. Who needs a handicap if you never plan to compete in events that require one. That is a topic worth pursuing in the future. However, today is a simple knowledge question of how often do you think you shoot your handicap…..if you had one?

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Continuing to Golf in 2021

With a spike in interest in 2020, the golf industry will try to sustain or capitalize on its growth. They are actively trying to keep all the new players coming back as the world will start to enter another phase of the new normal. I am interested to see if 9.3% increase in the number of rounds played in Canada in 2020 will continue as the COVID-19 restrictions change due to the rollout of the vaccines. (NGCOA) I wonder if the golf industry has a plan to further garner the interest of the players from last year. Or will the trend to return to the old numbers suddenly arise without warning.

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Does Golf Need To Change To Address Our Evolving World

Many of golf’s traditions are rooted in historical norms of society. Many older traditionalists cling to ideas rooted in gender biases that just don’t fit the evolving world. Although much has happened to drag our views of golf into the 21st century, there are still some hold out ideals that need to change. The inspiration for my article today is rooted in a CBC news article that outlines a gender disparity regarding the number of holes played during a competition of young men and women of the same age group.

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