My Handicap Index Is In Correction Mode!

At the beginning of each golf season, my handicap index tailspins into correction mode. This year is no different except I did not play any substantial golf last year to help stem the tide. So, as I record my games at the Golf Canada website, my index is starting to rise. I am not sure how far my index will rise, but I am mentally prepared for whatever my game will present.

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Becoming a Golf Canada Member

Becoming a Golf Canada Member is a no-brainer. I believe in taking an active role in supporting the growth of the sport I love. Of course my golf blog helps, but so does joining the organization whose sole purpose is to ‘grow the game’. I talked to many of my friends and they seem to be bench-sitting because they are unaware of all the benefits this membership offers. Well, go no further because you are about to be convinced that belonging to Golf Canada has an immediate benefit to you and to the future of golf.

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Returning Found Golf Clubs – It Is The Right Thing To Do!

During one of my few rounds last year, I left my 56º Vokey sand wedge on one of the holes. I only realized I lost it on the 18th hole and had no clue about how far back I left this valuable club. After putting out, I immediately headed to the proshop and to my dismay it had not been turned in. So, I put the rest of my clubs in the car and was about to start my search. My plan was to work backwards and talk to all the players I met. Fortunately, I never had to start because the group behind us and found my precious treasure and asked in the parking lot if it was mine. Whew! That was close. Unfortunately, many players are not as fortunate. Continue reading

Changing Golf’s Marketing Strategy

It is time for the golf industry to change their marketing strategy! Their approach of constantly bombarding my social networks, emails, and news feeds is numbing my senses to any possible chance of buying new equipment. It often becomes so overwhelming that I just ignore the white noise and quickly move on to other news articles. Of course, the manufacturers approach is not going to change anytime soon, but I do have a suggestion for the teaching side of the golf industry; by changing a few words in their sales pitch would likely garner more attention to their product. Continue reading