Hitting Poor Golf Shots During Practice

If you have ever ventured onto a practice area, you instinctively know that hitting poor shots is all part of the practice. Of course we do not want to continually miss hit the ball, but there is no advancement in your swing without sucking a few lemons! (Okay that was really bad trying to mix too many metaphors together at one time…..sorry) While I am working on increasing my lag, balance and follow through I have hit some real stinkers. Don’t worry, I am not discouraged and neither should you. It is all about the process.

As you can see, just over half of my shots are in the center of my club between grooves 2 and 4. The rest are outside this prime hitting area and that is okay. You will also notice produced a few miss hits that I would consider very poor. For those who follow my blog, this sticker was from last year during the off season.

This year’s sticker is so poor that I could not ever show it. I would say that 75% of my shots missed the mark completely. I was all over the place with some great shots did not even register on the sticker. I was having trouble either hitting the toe or the heel of the club. I even shanked a few in to the side of the net where I almost missed completely.

Not to worry, I expected this results when I decided to embark on my journey to increase my lag. Each shot provided some data that allowed me to make small adjustments. Each minor change is working a bit, so I decided to slap another sticker today and give it another try. Additionally, I am planning to video my swing (but don’t hold your breath thinking I am going to share it, I am not that crazy) and to analyze how I am making out. I will, however, provide an update tomorrow about how much I actually improving or not.

One thing I do know is that hitting poor shots is part of the process. I do not think that making changes our swing will bring instant success. On of the things that I do know is that I feel like I am generating more power and that is definitely a positive result. So, I will continue down my current path and see where it leads. I am feeling hopeful that I will reach my goal by the start of golf season, which is only a month away.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


12 thoughts on “Hitting Poor Golf Shots During Practice

  1. Jim
    I am pretty sure that Brian is right. Lag is a function of the swing mechanics. Sounds like that left knee thing is a George Gankas swing technique. If you are looking for power/ distance then there are various ways to generate power. But remember the recent words of Rory McIlroy – he got caught up in the distance chase and it hurt his game. I hear people are doing speed drills. Check on Bryson DeChambeau’s work. He has proven its possible. I think many of these other guys are snake oil salesmen. If it was easy everyone would do it.
    Good luck 🍀👍

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  2. Jim, reality check time. You have a good swing! Don’t mess with it too much!

    Not sure what you are doing to increase lag, but remember that lag is a reaction not an action. It cannot be forced and is the result of good fundamentals and good sequencing earlier in the swing. If you are trying something like “holding the angle,” that is an invitation to Mr. Shankarooski. This I know from personal experience. The best thing you can do to build lag and get more distance is to get a F2F or video lesson and ask your pro for a fundamental assessment. If you correct a fundamental problem or sequencing issue, the distance add will come!

    Good luck!


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    • Brian,

      Thanks for the reality check. The only think I am really doing is trying to engage my lower body by intentionally leading with my left knee. This feels a bit strange and is messing with my timing just a bit. I am definitely not making any major changes; I anticipate my efforts will start paying off very soon. Again, thanks for keeping me honest.

      Cheers Jim

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      • I can see why the left knee might be confusing. Are you trying to move it laterally toward the target as your trigger? Or are you trying to straighten it to hit against a firm left side? What has been working for me as a nice trigger is to make a good full turn back and then trigger by firing the right hip at the ball. Does the same thing and ensures a good full weight transfer. On the follow through, my weight is fully on the outside of my left foot and the strike is pretty solid. Let me know if you try it. Good luck!


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      • Brian

        I am trying to start my motion laterally with my left knee. I do not want to move it far, but It will create a bit more torque between my shoulders and hips. This is very tough, then I am working on following through so my weight is on my outside foot as well. The knee movement is only a few inches farther than my normal swing, but it is a challenge. Thanks for the tip about my right hip.

        Cheers Jim

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  3. I’ve hit my share while making adjustments lately. Today was a mixed bag for sure. It struck me funny though. My best shots today came from the one club, my 4 iron, that caused me the most trouble lately and my putting which has been stellar of late was simply pathetic today. All you can do is laugh when that happens.

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      • Between your picture of the face tape, and a video from Dan Hendrickson, I took a look at my clubs tonight. The wear pattern is pretty easy to see on my blacked out clubs. It show’s me hitting pretty much center top to bottom, but almost halfway between center and the end of the grooves toe to heel. Not great. I guess I should take em to see the pro’s. I’d have to guess the lie angle they’re set at isn’t right for my swing anymore.

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