Ball Position For Hybrids and Fairway Woods

Do you have a challenge topping the ball with your hybrids or fairway woods? Or perhaps you take a huge divot with the same clubs? I know I had challenges in the past with my ball being too far forward in my stance. To hit the ball, I would have to lean forward to ensure I made relatively solid contact. But that all changed many years back when I realized that I was out balance with my follow through. I was fortunate to figure out my error, but I could have saved a great deal of time if I found this video earlier.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Find The Bottom Of Our Golf Swing?

The lesson of ball placement with respect to the bottom of our golf swing keeps smacking me in the face. Surprisingly, I struggle with this skill and execution from time to time. I am not sure why I do, but it is a common fault for most amateurs. The concept is very simple, however making this shot consistently can cause us fits. It seems to be a lesson I continue to learn and relearn. I am confident most amateurs feel the same way, so here is another look at how to determine where to place the ball in relation to the bottom of our golf swing.

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The Importance of Ball Position For A Consistent Golf Swing

The position of our golf ball is vital to hitting solid, consistent shots. It is something that I spend (spent) a great deal of time working out to ensure I am getting the most out of every club. Even though I practice this important fundamental of my golf swing, I still have challenges from time to time depending on course conditions, weather, and my swing of the day. This is the easiest part of my pre-shot routine I mess up even though I am cognitive of my error. But alas, I found a video that will help me worry less and focus more on better ball position.

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Disasters Happens On The Golf Course

For many golfers, the headline catches our attention immediately. We have had experienced one form of disaster on the golf course and that event raced to the forefront of our thoughts. Limiting the scope of this article, I removed any uncontrollable medical or physical injuries to focus on a few aspects of our game that can cause a disaster to the final outcome of our round. Nonetheless, these events are real and seem to appear out of normal. I hope by pointing a few out (you can add your own thoughts and I will add to the list) I can help prevent future mishaps to your score.

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Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

For years I have chased the perfect golf shot. I realized after more failures than successes, that the perfect golf shot is an illusion. What I really want to do is hit a solid golf shot and let the rest take care of itself. The reason of the change resulted from using a wet golf mat during practice. Continue reading