Disasters Happens On The Golf Course

For many golfers, the headline catches our attention immediately. We have had experienced one form of disaster on the golf course and that event raced to the forefront of our thoughts. Limiting the scope of this article, I removed any uncontrollable medical or physical injuries to focus on a few aspects of our game that can cause a disaster to the final outcome of our round. Nonetheless, these events are real and seem to appear out of normal. I hope by pointing a few out (you can add your own thoughts and I will add to the list) I can help prevent future mishaps to your score.

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Hitting A Solid Golf Shot

For years I have chased the perfect golf shot. I realized after more failures than successes, that the perfect golf shot is an illusion. What I really want to do is hit a solid golf shot and let the rest take care of itself. The reason of the change resulted from using a wet golf mat during practice. Continue reading

Chipping Tips That Improved My Golf Score

I am always on the lookout for any tip that will improve my golf score. It is important to open to new ideas in order to fully develop my game. However, I not flighty and will not change unless I am convinced it is for the better. Until recently, I considered my chipping from 25 yards or closer fairly solid. However, actually examining my success of getting up and down from that distance and realize I am not as sharp as I thought. It was time for a change to improve this area of my game. Continue reading

Update: Using a Lob Wedge With Success

This is an update to yesterdays post. Brian from All About Golf asked if I could include a picture (below) showing my feet during set up.

Therefore, I tried to demonstrate using my clubs how my feet and ball position line up. Remember that 60% of my weight will be on my left foot during contact. I hope this helps Brian.

I closed my stance so that my big toe on my back foot aligns 3 inches behind my heel of my front foot. The toes of each foot draw a line to my landing area.

If anyone has any other questions or needs qualification on my ramblings, please do not hesitate to drop me a line!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!