Why Is It So Difficult To Find The Bottom Of Our Golf Swing?

The lesson of ball placement with respect to the bottom of our golf swing keeps smacking me in the face. Surprisingly, I struggle with this skill and execution from time to time. I am not sure why I do, but it is a common fault for most amateurs. The concept is very simple, however making this shot consistently can cause us fits. It seems to be a lesson I continue to learn and relearn. I am confident most amateurs feel the same way, so here is another look at how to determine where to place the ball in relation to the bottom of our golf swing.

Struggling to make consistent, solid contact with our irons is an ongoing challenge for most amateurs. Part of the issue is not having a grooved swing, but if you do (like me) then one would think that making consistent contact would be easy. Well, I can tell you with certainty that it is not. Before I delve into the topic further, here is a quick video to outline the main premise finding the bottom of our golf swing.

Hitting the ball at the right time in relation to our golf swing is a challenge that I faced all the time playing golf. At the beginning, I did not even know about his technique (oh how I wish I had) and now I struggle to make adjustments to my grooved swing. Fortunately, there is a discernable difference between hitting the ball at the proper time and not. The sound and feel are so distinct that I know immediately if I my set up and ball striking is correct.

Making the adjustments required to hit the ball first with our irons is easy and yet can have cascading effect on our game. The visual cues are different, the follow through is different, the weight shift is different and aim point is different. I realize that I listed some very challenging changes, but the differences does mean we have to change these things, they are just different. As I continue to work through the technique of hitting the ball first with my irons prior to the bottom of my swing, I will remain cognizant of the affects to my overall swing. This path of my journey is worth it and I will continue to walk this cobble stone.

To be fair, my adjustments will be smaller than most. I have already started walking this path and have found the sweet spot of contact. Unfortunately, I lose it from time to time, but I can regain the proper ball position quickly. It is a matter of staying aware, mindful, and focused. I think you will be able to achieve this as well, it just a bit of time. Good luck on your journey.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Why Is It So Difficult To Find The Bottom Of Our Golf Swing?

  1. Your comment about moving ball position sounds like something I used to do. Just a few years back I would take a practice swing to note where the club contacted the ball and then take my stance accordingly. That did help some but it wasn’t a real fix. It wasn’t something that led to consistent ball first contact it just helped find it a few more times during a round when the stars aligned right.šŸ˜

    The pro in the video is advocating what I have come to call the line drill. It also helped but it wasn’t enough because it alone doesn’t stop the cause. The cause is swaying/sliding. Lateral movement during the swing. Stop that and ball first contact becomes much easier and far more consistent.

    I added one additional tool to the line drill that helped me a lot. I stuck on old driver shaft into the ground behind me angled so that one end hovered just off my trail side hip. With that I found what I needed. Touch that shaft with the hip and I’ve moved laterally away from the ball and made getting back to it much less likely.

    My key today is to make sure I don’t allow my weight to move off the inside edge of my trail foot as I start the swing. Keep weight on the inside edge and I don’t sway back as my weight shifts to the trail side. I turn instead. And that led to more consistently finding ball first contact.

    As for putting a tee on the ground as the pro does, I see no reason for that when you can just focus on a blade of grass there. And that you can do during play too so I think it’s the better option. I never focus on the ball anymore. It’s always a spot on the ground or a blade of grass where I want the club to bottom out at. Never the ball itself. That goes for irons and even the driver though where I focus is totally different with the driver in that it’s well before the ball rather than after it to promote hitting up on the ball with the driver.

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