Ball Position For Hybrids and Fairway Woods

Do you have a challenge topping the ball with your hybrids or fairway woods? Or perhaps you take a huge divot with the same clubs? I know I had challenges in the past with my ball being too far forward in my stance. To hit the ball, I would have to lean forward to ensure I made relatively solid contact. But that all changed many years back when I realized that I was out balance with my follow through. I was fortunate to figure out my error, but I could have saved a great deal of time if I found this video earlier.

It is very simple, the placement of the hybrids and fairway woods in my stance was wrong and now it is correct. The following video provides a simple explanation that will clear up any potential confusion:

When I place the ball in the proper position, my contact is great (I can hear the difference), the ball travels much farther, and my ball flies straighter.

There is value in understanding where to properly place my ball in my swing. However, the value is finding the sweet spot for your own swing. The above video helps as a starting place, but moving the ball an inch or two on either side of your starting point is important. Finding out your ideal position in your stance will go along way to consistently hitting your hybrids and fairway woods; which would lead to lower golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Ball Position For Hybrids and Fairway Woods

  1. I see one big problem with this video. Most amateurs when moving the ball forward in the stance have the tendency to close up to the target line which leads to fades and slices.

    Without delving into too many things, I’ll just say it this way. Proper ball position is controlled by shaft length for one, but also on swing path and intended ball flight. It’s not a one size fits all. Neither is stance width. It should vary by club length as well.

    The important thing to remember when hitting your 3 wood from that position is to be aware of your body. How your hips and shoulders are aligned in relation to your toe line which should be parallel to target. If they are, you’re ok. You might hit a fade, but shouldn’t be slicing it. If you are then you need to set your hips and shoulders more open at address. More to the right of the target line while keeping your toe line parallel to target. That should get you swinging more down the line and reduce the slices. Carry it to an extreme and you might need to reset ball position for a draw though. A big in to out swing will need to ball to be somewhere else.

    It’s about path. But I’m getting off topic or rather taking it too deep. Stick with being aware of your bodies alignment in those three areas and you should do ok. Play with them a little and learn how to control the swing better. Thinking about path solves a lot of mysteries.

    Oh, the best drill for a 3 wood I ever found was to swing it with my feet together. I found it so easy to brush the ground when I did that. When my 4 wood is shaky, I close up my stance and take a couple practice swings still. It works wonders for me.

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    • Kevin,

      Your points would definitely be the follow on discussion to ball position with our hybrids and fairway woods. I did mention that each player has to find the exact position that works for their game and that does take some trial and error on the range. Overall, the video offers a good starting point moving forward.

      Cheers Jim


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