Preparing For The End Of Golf Season

It is that time of year where I start to focus on the end of golf season. There is a possibility of playing for about another month, but I generally pick a date and put the clubs away for the season. This date is very close and as such, I am looking to the future to see what I am going to do to fill my time. For now, I am focused on my upcoming golf trip to the Niagara Falls region to play in the Fall Hickory Classic. Knowing that my golf season is coming to a close, I do have some things I need to do to prepare for the off season so I can still keep my hand in swinging the clubs.

My plan for the upcoming off-season is threefold. The first thing I am going to do is start my fitness program. I generally do this every year, but this time I am setting specific goals of trimming down, becoming more flexible, and building some strength. They all seem reasonable goals to achieve because I will have about six months to work at my target. One of the challenges I faced in the past was starting too fast and becoming bored after about a month because I did not set specific goals. This year, I will remedy that oversight and create reasonable milestones that I can achieve and stick to it. Health and fitness are my top priority during this off-season.

Hit more balls in the winter. I spent a great deal of time building my DIY golf area over the past few years. It is time to put this training area to use. I will take some time off between the end of the season and December, but after that I will dedicate time to keep my swing in relatively good form. Last year, I used my area sparingly because I did not create any goals to achieve. I am not suggesting that I am trying to revamp my swing or anything, but working on a more pronounce turn might be a great place to start. More to follow on what I want to achieve in future posts.

Lastly, I am going to learn how to fix golf clubs. I purchased quite a few used clubs from garage sales. It is time to see if I have the ability to repair clubs. I could take a course, but my friend Blair lent me a book on club repair and I am sure there are enough videos to help me on my way. This particular off-season golf activity will be for fun and I am hoping to expand my handyman skills. At this time, I do not have any expectations, but I am sure I will come up with something.

As you can see, my off-season will involve keeping my hand in all things golf. I am fortunate to have a location that will facilitate expanding my golf interests. Additionally, I am planning to set specific goals to achieve. I perform best when I have something to work towards. Age is becoming a factor in my life and now is the time to set up my efforts to remain health, fit, and focused so I can continue to enjoy my passion.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Preparing For The End Of Golf Season

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  2. So soon? It doesn’t seem possible when we’re still sweating through our rounds down here. We have plenty of room down here. If the hurricane doesn’t knock us off the map later this week, you’re welcome to come join our skins game all winter. It’s going to be great golf weather here soon.

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