Preparing For The End Of Golf Season

It is that time of year where I start to focus on the end of golf season. There is a possibility of playing for about another month, but I generally pick a date and put the clubs away for the season. This date is very close and as such, I am looking to the future to see what I am going to do to fill my time. For now, I am focused on my upcoming golf trip to the Niagara Falls region to play in the Fall Hickory Classic. Knowing that my golf season is coming to a close, I do have some things I need to do to prepare for the off season so I can still keep my hand in swinging the clubs.

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Doing Minor Golf Club Maintenance

For years I have relied on my friends to help (complete) minor golf club maintenance. It is not that I did not have the skill, but more the knowledge to do simple things like change my grips. Well, I decided that relying on my friends is okay, it was time I took responsibility for my own equipment. Having said that, I took a small step forward and changed three of my grips last week and hope to test run my efforts on Sunday.

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Keeping Your Golf Equipment in Working Order

Most golfers have thousands of dollars invested in their golf equipment. I am one of those players who meticulously cares for their clubs to ensure that when I am ready to play, I will not be held back by faulty equipment. Other than cleaning, which is habitual, repairs and maintenance are important and happen all year around. The question I was asked recently is if I do my own maintenance or farm it out to a more experienced maintainer.

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