Hitting Shots From Golf’s Grey Zone

As I improved my course management skills through the years, I came to realize that hitting balls from a distance outside my comfort zone was not good for my score. The distance I dreaded most was from 30 to 50 yards. At best, this was a shot that required a different type of shot each time and I was challenged to match the shot requirements. My biggest challenge was not having the knowledge or understanding to hit a shot from 30 to 50 yards. Well, I finally found a simple explanation that will benefit all golfers.

There is really not much I can add to this video. I can say is that I worked on both techniques throughout my golf season with mediocre success.

The knowledge or information in the above video is very important. Trapping the ball works best when the conditions are dry and the ground is firm. Skimming the ball works better when the ground is damp and soft. There are many details to understand about each type of shot and to know those, one needs to practice. After a great deal of effort, I found that understanding the processes to making these two types of shots is very important to my game. Closing the grey zone distances is important and having the above knowledge will go a long way to lowering your golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

One thought on “Hitting Shots From Golf’s Grey Zone

  1. That seems a good rule of thumb that makes sense to me.

    I watched another Danny Maude video last night. It resonated with me and had me drawing balls around corners like I haven’t done in years. That was fun. I kind of overdid it a few times in both directions and that cost me an under 80 round since I wasn’t dropping many of the 10 footers I kept leaving myself with approach shots today. But hey. I was shaping shots. And hitting distances off the tee I haven’t seen in awhile thanks to the roll out that kind of shot brings and the bright sunny day and the relatively dry ground we were playing on.

    Then we topped it off by stopping for baskets of fried grouper and shrimp and fries and beer on the way home. A hard to beat kind of day. Anyway, here’s the vid

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