Flicking Your Wrists During A Chip

I found this video that talks about flicking our wrists during a chip. It is a fundamental error I see in many of my playing partners. This topic is nothing, however this video explains why it is important to have a calm consistent tempo when chipping the ball. I like the discussion and solutions provided to reducing flicking or our wrists because it addresses a fundamental aspect of our short game that should not be overlooked.

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Hitting Your Landing Point On A Chip

If we followed the advice of many teaching professionals, chipping would be very easy. Just hit your landing point and all would be great. Your ball would release to the distance you planned (or go in the hole) and all would be right in your golfing world. Sounds pretty easy, right! Unfortunately, it is never as easy as we think because of the plethora of variables that goes into every chip. The challenge golfers face is taking all the stressors of each chip and manifest a shot that lands on exact spot we selected during our pre-shot routine. Experience shows that this feat is a challenge in the best conditions; so what can we do to improve our chances of success?

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Hitting Shots From Golf’s Grey Zone

As I improved my course management skills through the years, I came to realize that hitting balls from a distance outside my comfort zone was not good for my score. The distance I dreaded most was from 30 to 50 yards. At best, this was a shot that required a different type of shot each time and I was challenged to match the shot requirements. My biggest challenge was not having the knowledge or understanding to hit a shot from 30 to 50 yards. Well, I finally found a simple explanation that will benefit all golfers.

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Chipping to Break 100

Golf is a crazy game! On Tuesday I shot 78 with bogies on the last three holes – with two 3 putts! Thursday, I shot 76 with 2 birdies and two pars on the last 4 holes! I felt exactly the same, played almost the same way and scored two strokes better. As I think back to my round, and I know most of you analyse your last round of golf, I was wondered what the difference was between the two rounds. My conclusion is that It all came down to chipping.

I have talked about practicing my 3-6-9 chipping drill before and suggest that it will help anyone break 100. The most important aspect of the drill is just to practice and develop a solid go-to stroke that will help build consistency. As I played today, I realized that chipping is as important as putting to score low.

I could go on about how to hold your hands or how to grip the club or where to align or, or, or. As your skill develops, there will be time for improving and refining your chipping touch. The trick to breaking 100 is to build a consistent chipping technique. The video below outlines a repeatable process that will benefit all players trying to break 100.

The clock drill is very good for using the same swing for multiple shots. It helps develop consistency and improves your chance of lowering your score. Give it a try; let me know how it works.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!