Asking Golf Questions To Improve Your Knowledge

I am routinely asked questions about golf. Of course not being a professional or expert in some areas, I try to answer most inquiries with a source. When answering, I try to provide a source because it helps demonstrate that I am offering information that is more than just my opinion. Of course, the actual source is important as well, but that is a discussion for another day. Regardless, by asking a golf question you are demonstrating that a thirst for knowledge and that is always a good thing!

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But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This!

Man, how I hate this statement. I am not a person who seeks change for change sake, yet I am not a person to sit back and let inefficiency rule the day. At work, the statement “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” is said when people resistant to change (or do not know a better way) are challenged on any specific process and do not know why they follow the process. Additionally, they are not interested in changing because it is easier to keep doing things the old way whether it makes sense or not.

Well, this situation also applies when we examine our golf game. Many espouse the above statement and as a result, never really find any positive change in their game.  Continue reading

Making a Golf Shot: Knowledge vs Comprehension

Over the years, I have struggled with the difference between knowing and comprehending something. The distinction might seem minor, however to truly grasp the subtle points of these terms, one must examine how they play golf and why. This topic has many dead ends and quagmires that force players to focus on minute details of how they play golf. My goodness, this sounds allot like my Psych 101 class I took in college, but bare with me, ultimately this discussion will help lower your golf scores. Continue reading

Talking to a Golf Salesman

Can you tell very quickly of a Golf Salesperson knows their stuff? You know, you start chatting with them and they agree with everything you say and start to push specific products because it will definitely “improve your game”! Over the past  few years, I have run into a couple of people who I would not trust and a couple I was okay with. But, I have not run into any I thought really knew their stuff. Has this happened to you? Continue reading