Preparing For The End Of Golf Season

It is that time of year where I start to focus on the end of golf season. There is a possibility of playing for about another month, but I generally pick a date and put the clubs away for the season. This date is very close and as such, I am looking to the future to see what I am going to do to fill my time. For now, I am focused on my upcoming golf trip to the Niagara Falls region to play in the Fall Hickory Classic. Knowing that my golf season is coming to a close, I do have some things I need to do to prepare for the off season so I can still keep my hand in swinging the clubs.

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Golf Fitness and Flexibility

It is that time of year to start focusing on next year! Yup, I start thinking about how to improve my game the day after golf season is over. Of course that does not mean I implement everything right away because I still need to develop my plan. You have faithfully followed my progress over the years and I have decided to step it up a notch during this off-season. It is time to get serious about being serious!

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Fitness Drives Performance

Similar to every year at this time, I am rededicating my efforts to become healthy and fit to improve my golf game. This is a traditional off-season approach to avoid becoming fluffy over the next 6 months. As I researched different possibilities to achieve my goals, I noticed that many sites claim “fitness and performance” as services they deliver. Looking a bit deeper I noticed that their views on performance were predicated on being fit. Therefore, instead of using ‘and’, I recommend many sites use the word ‘drives’ because it is a more realistic approach to improving our golf game.

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