Golf Fitness and Flexibility

It is that time of year to start focusing on next year! Yup, I start thinking about how to improve my game the day after golf season is over. Of course that does not mean I implement everything right away because I still need to develop my plan. You have faithfully followed my progress over the years and I have decided to step it up a notch during this off-season. It is time to get serious about being serious!

This year, I have decided to solicit your help before I create my plan. I already have the three broad stroke areas to focus my training; it should come as no surprise because they are the core areas all golfers need to develop to improve their overall game. They are aerobic, strength and flexibility. I bet your are shocked right now! I know you are! 🙂

Before you roll your eyes and give the “Duh” sign; keep in mind that these areas have non-golf benefits that I plan to exploit over the next 6 months. I plan on approaching my fitness and flexibility plan differently this year by setting specific goals that need to be tracked and managed. I work best with goals, so this approach will work for me the best.

Where you come in is offer one exercise that you actually do that works for your game. I will not guarantee to use it (because we are physically different), but I am sure I will find something similar that will work for me. So, don’t be shy, share you thoughts.

I expect to have my plan up and running in a week or so. When I do, I will share my goals and of course progress over the year. I know this sounds pretty similar to other posts, but it is that time of year and I have to start focusing on next season if I plan to continuing to purse being a scratch golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Golf Fitness and Flexibility

  1. Jim, I worked with a personal trainer who designed a weight training workout for me and have been using it religiously since January. The exercise he added that is best for golf works your core stability and is called the Suitcase Carry. Very important for all players but more so for us guys who are on the aging track. Here’s a short video. Good luck!



    • Brian,

      Thanks for the video. It makes sense because you engage your core to hold the weight at different positions. I kind of do something like that in my garage very day as I putter around doing things….haha. I believe that a strong core is critical to a strong and stable golf swing. Have a great day.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I have a question for you. When I moved here I downsized drastically and that included clubs. I have a clean slate now. One bag full with now one extra putter choice. Blade or mallet. I’m thinking a way to help my game might be a choice among log wedges. I mentioned before that mine has only 5 degrees of bounce. It’s the type of tool meant for specific purposes and not really an all arounder. This time of year when it’s wet out that’s especially true. So my thought is the next club purchase should be to have a alternative for that club. Something I can make better, more frequent use of. Something like a Taylormade Hi-Toe Bigfoot Wide Sole Wedge. It’s got 15 degrees of bounce. I think it would float. lol But it should reach much better in the kind of conditions we still have here. Any thoughts?


  3. I’ve played with older, injured athlete’s who can still belt it by my standards, but I’m sure they still wish they could get a full turn and play with the real big hitters. My dads game declined over the years as his ability to turn decreased. And I can feel that from my own body. So I’d like to concentrate there mostly, but the gym equipment is probably best to fight it with and I don’t trust the gym yet. So I’ll stick with some resistance bands for now. It helps though maybe adding a couple more might help more. Mine are pretty light weight bands I got when my shoulder locked up on me. But they are versatile. I won’t be fighting snow so my bike is still going to get used, and I will be walking courses at least as much if not more than I did in the summer. And maybe I can add some light weights to strengthen my wrists. Couldn’t hurt with all the thick rough around. lol

    Feeling good today though. I started off a bit slow but I shot a 2 under round thanks to a birdie, birdie, par, eagle finish. That last twenty foot putt dropping really made my day and the birdies were both dropped to inside of 4 feet so they didn’t hurt either.


    • Kevin

      I am not fitness professional, but for me setting up a program that involves the big 3 AND following it everyday is something that works for me. The trick in the off-season is to keep training and doing something everyday. This promotes a better conditioning routine and builds the habit of training. It really is about keeping active. Fantastic finish on your round yesterday!

      Cheers Jim


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