Focused Physical Training to Improve My Golf Game

Staying physically fit is important to life in general. It is something I identified early in my life and have adopted an active lifestyle to enjoy what comes my way. It has served me well and I as approach 60, I know it will be important in my ‘gold years’. However, over the past five years, I have also come to realize that my physical training routine needs to focus on the activities I want to do most to ensure I can participate at the level want moving forward. In this case, golf is the sport I focus on most and as such do try to train to improve my game. However, this is not always the case for most players. Continue reading

My 2017 Golf Season Starts Today!

Another journey starts today.

The day has finally arrived. After 200 days (yes, that number is correct), I am hitting the links! The long, cold off-season is over and at 2 pm today I am teeing it up with my friends Blair and Rick. Our course has 9 holes open because of the wet front nine and this will be a perfect start for me. Of course I am not planning to just show up at the course and play because that is how injuries happen after such a long lay off,. So, here is what I am thinking. Continue reading

Watching Golf on TV

It is cold and snowy outside. I plan on doing something in the crisp cool temperatures later, but right now while I am writing this article, I am also watching  golf on TV.

I am watching Hideki Matsuyama work his way around in the final round of the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions. It was interesting to watch Hideki and others make some amazing shots shot in the mid 60s for their final round. What was more interesting was the analysis by the Morning Drive crew on the Golf Channel. Continue reading

The Start of My Off-Season Routine

Yesterday was the start of my off-season fitness program. Each year, I outline my goals to become stronger and more flexible. This year is no different except for my approach. Being in the Canadian Air Reserves, I have the opportunity to use a physical training program that allows me to generate, track and modify my progression. Continue reading