Golf Fitness And Lower Golf Scores

Fitness is the key to fantastic golf. Of course everyone is noticing Bryson Dechambeau because of his dramatic increase in physical strength resulting in booming drives. However, most players do not have the the time, money or desire to change that dramatically. Most players, in my opinion, want to be physically fit to enjoy golf and more importantly all the other activities which makes life fulfilling. Personally, I fit into the last category.

Before delving deeper into my article, I must make this disclaimer. I am not physical training expert and do not recommend anyone starting a physical conditioning program without discussing their intent with a medical professional. The information is this article is for information purposes only.

Okay, before I talk about my view on where I need to go physically, I think you need to watch this:

I want to be able move like Gary Player when I am his age. He was popping around the video like a kid full of life. Talk about an achievable goal, but I have to start now and stick with it moving forward.

Being just shy of 60 years old and combatting major medical issues, I understand the importance of staying active and physically fit. I know that it is important to shape my lifestyle around this concept and (for the most part) I am active on a daily basis. This includes intentional physical activity like walking and stretching; routine activities around the yard of cutting wood, raking, shoveling, snow clearing, etc.; and eating properly. They are all intertwined and require effort to sustain.

As a golfer, I do focus on three specific areas that have proven to be successful for my game. They are not hard, nor does it require a tremendous amount of effort. It is part of my daily routine, most of the time, and sometimes I pick up the pace and try to move to the next physical fitness plateau. This usually happens in January or February as golf season starts to inch closer.

I focus on walking for about an hour each day either inside or on our treadmill. Core work to help strengthen, well, just about everything. Lastly, I work on flexibility. As I age, I find flexibility the most difficult to maintain. These three areas are fairly broad and have a positive impact on all areas of my life. Staying active, in my mind, is the key to staying young at heart and mind AND enjoying every day.

I have to add one last thing. I take the time everyday to be grateful for the blessings in my life. Being mindful and expressing gratitude helps keep me mentally fit, which transfers to being physically fit. They are all connected.

Fitness is key to my life, both on and off the golf course. I enjoy being active and this is accentuated by being physically fit. I am looking forward to next season and plan to be physically ready to tee it up on opening day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Golf Fitness And Lower Golf Scores

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  3. Great post, thanks Jim. Gary is a terrific example and inspiration. I have no excuses for not doing the training and stretching, we have a few short months to get after it.


  4. Jim, forget about DeChambeau. I’d be satisfied to keep up with the short knockers like DJ and Rory. And amen on the flexibility thing.

    You’ve overcome some major physical obstacles; just amazing! Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to us all!


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