Methodically Building A Golf Game

Can you remember back to when you first started golfing. I wonder if you just picked up a club and started whacking away. When I first started, that is exactly what I did. I actually never practiced for the first 15 years after I swung my first club. I play a great deal and I guess that was considered my practice. Until 30 years ago, when I started practicing, I would suggest I bounce around at whatever part of my game that needed fixing that day.

After deciding it was time to get serious about my golf game, I took a great deal of time (and asking lots of questions) to decide my approach on how to achieve lower golf scores. On a side note, I decided to get serious in 1980 after breaking 80 for the first time in 1979. It was that milestone that motivated me to change my shot gun approach. Looking back, my approach was akin to making a puzzle; focus on the low hanging fruit and slowing eliminate those areas and move on to more challenging things.

Looking back, I find that I had 6 distinct areas that needed work. I actually (almost subconsciously) followed a very methodical plan that I think is worth following for any player, new or experienced. It is very simple and works as follows:

  1. Putting
  2. Wedges
  3. 100 – 125 yards
  4. Mid irons / hybrids / fairway woods
  5. Off the tee
  6. Course management

I am sure you have recognized the “start at the green and work out” methodical approach. It is a proved process that has brought me great success over the years. I am going to offer a slight teaser for future posts; I am going to build a graphic to show how each of these critical areas work and sub-areas that fit into each category. But alas, that is for another day.

There are methodical processes for improvement within each of the categories. I mean the possibilities are endless and every player should find their own way. Golf offers a multitude of paths to success, but regardless of which you choose; make it methodical and focused.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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