Asking Golf Questions To Improve Your Knowledge

I am routinely asked questions about golf. Of course not being a professional or expert in some areas, I try to answer most inquiries with a source. When answering, I try to provide a source because it helps demonstrate that I am offering information that is more than just my opinion. Of course, the actual source is important as well, but that is a discussion for another day. Regardless, by asking a golf question you are demonstrating that a thirst for knowledge and that is always a good thing!

There is one important quality every golfer needs if they want to improve their game either by asking questions or doing their own research. It is something that transcends golf, but is very important to lowering your golf scores.

To improve our golf game we must have …….. AN OPEN MIND!

Being open to new ideas, solicited advice, or even how rules apply is critical to improving. How many times has a person asked for your advice and discarded your answer before you even finished answering? The person asking did not want your view, so why did they even ask the question. Well, improving your golf game is very much the same way.

There are so many facets to improving our golf scores that no one person has all the answers. There are others like Butch Harmon, Mike Adams, or Mike Bender (The 50 Best Teachers In America) who have demonstrated an expert level in golf, but most teachers have a couple of strong areas of knowledge. It is up to the individual seeking the knowledge to sift through and understand what the teacher has to offer before making major changes to their game.

I advocate every golfer to keep asking the questions! Keep improving your knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of the game we love. The best way to do this is with an open mind. The fact that you listened to someone does not mean that you have to use their answer, but thinking about what they said before discarding it is very important. Keeping an open mind helps build a foundation of knowledge that is critical to improving your golf game. Every time we ask a question, we provide a chance for our games to evolve.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Asking Golf Questions To Improve Your Knowledge

  1. I know you keep detailed records of your rounds and I used to. It’s probably time I start that up again too I guess. It sure gives a more realistic view of our strengths and weaknesses than memory does. For example, if you consistently come up short from 50+ yards lets say, and you also shank one shot a round, it’s the shank that’s going to eat at you and stay in your mind but better distance control would be more likely to improve your scoring average than fixing that one bad swing a round would. Questioning, even yourself, is generally a good thing as long as you’re not standing over the ball when you do it.


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