Fitness Drives Performance

Similar to every year at this time, I am rededicating my efforts to become healthy and fit to improve my golf game. This is a traditional off-season approach to avoid becoming fluffy over the next 6 months. As I researched different possibilities to achieve my goals, I noticed that many sites claim “fitness and performance” as services they deliver. Looking a bit deeper I noticed that their views on performance were predicated on being fit. Therefore, instead of using ‘and’, I recommend many sites use the word ‘drives’ because it is a more realistic approach to improving our golf game.

Many of us experience players understand that fitness has many benefits outside the world of golf, but since this is a golf blog focusing on my golf game is definitely the goal.

I have yet to determine my exact approach this year because I am thinking of changing tracks. I am thinking about setting performance goals and developing a health and fitness program to maximize my performance. This would be a new approach for me, but hey what do I have to lose. As long as I improving my golf game and being healthy to boot, it seems that this might be a journey worth pursuing.

The first step, I would surmise, is to determine where my performance levels need or I want to improve. Actually, scratch that. I need to establish a baseline in specific areas of performance. Not sure what they are yet, but I will figure it out. When I do, I will be able to make specific improvements to help my game.

I realize that I am talking in circles, but this is a new area and I need to work on developing my approach. I am sure many of you have done something like this before at your jobs, but have you used the performance approach to improve your golf game?

If so, please share. I would very grateful for your advice.

So, you can see how I feel that fitness drives performance. To achieve specific performance milestones I need to be healthy and fit. So, this year I am going look at which plan I am going to use to achieve my ultimate goals.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “Fitness Drives Performance

  1. These guys are making good suggestions. Just bulking up can be hazardous to our game by restricting movement so an approach that combines strengthening muscles and freeing up movement is I think the key to having all the work we put in show a benefit to the game as well as our overall health.

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  2. Well – for me the greatest change will be to stop smoking. After 30+ years I have come to the conclusion, that I have smoked enough. It is also becomming stigmatic (?) to be a smoker today, so the timing is probably right. And ! This could perhaps give me a performance lift in relation to my golf game. After trying for 10 years to break xx I have also come to the conclusion, that next season will leave me at the best posible level in the game. And then I will take it from there. Perhaps – if things at beginning to work out for the better on the golf course the descition was good. If not – I can allways go back to smoking 😉

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  3. Jim this is a great topic. As I’ve gotten older I decided to add physical fitness to retain and gain. So I added Yoga for flexibility and static strength. I added cardio so I don’t get physically and mentally tired at the end of the round and I added golf specific strength training to keep that distance off the tee. You’re doing the right thing. And winter can be long in Ontario so use the indoor time to your advantage.

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  4. Jim
    You’re going in the right direction. I added Yoga to my physical fitness regime to retain and even gain some flexibility. I use cardio to ensure I don’t get tired by the end of the round and make physical or even mental mistakes due to fatigue. I used specific golf exercises to strengthen and gain distance.
    Thats my approach. Hope that helps.

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  5. Hi Jim,

    I started training using the TRX program to expand range of motion and strength. It comes with an APP and 1 year free subscription to many different custom work outs. I recommend it.


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