Another Major Milestone at The Grateful Golfer

This year is a banner year at the Grateful Golfer. I committed to writing every day and nearly accomplished that goal. I will admit that some of the articles were not as inspirational as I hoped, but that is a goal for next year. The success at The Grateful Golfer is not just about views and visitors, it is about sharing our thoughts on golf in a positive environment. I think we have achieved that goal as well. So what is the big milestone?

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Great Golfing Advice From Grateful Golfers

One of the awesome things I like about The Grateful Golfer is my plan to willingness to freely share all things golf. I think it is important to be open to suggestions and sage advice of other players/readers who have experienced some of the same golfing issues. It is these helpful people who expand my knowledge about and understanding about golf. They also aid in my continuing quest to increase my knowledge of this fun sport.

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Guest Authors at The Grateful Golfer

Spring is just around the corner!

Hey Grateful Golfers, how is your day going? I hope your Thursday is going very well and that you are creating the day you want.

Today’s post is a bit different from others because I need help trying to make a decision. Over the past year, I was asked if I allowed guest authors at The Grateful Golfer. I tabled all the requests because I was not sure if I wanted to open up my blog to others. Continue reading

Golfchat Articles Worth Reading

Golfchat is a loose organization of keen, like-minded golfers who willingly share their views on golf. Although we do not always agree, the discussions are lively and informative. The recent theme of alternate ways to bring players to the game brought two additional articles (to my own) that I think are worth a read. Continue reading

Making The Top 50 Golf Blog

Four days ago, I was nominated by Golf Assessor as one of the top 50 blogs on the web. I am quite honored and I am currently 30th overall.

The list has many popular names that I follow and read. And if you look down the list, the blog in position 24 will be well know to the Grateful Golfer Community.

I want to thank Golf Assessor for the nomination and look forward to moving up the list!


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!