The Grateful Golfer Blog – Is It Worth The Read?

I often wonder if my daily musings are worth the effort. My original intent was to help me cope with serious health issues (twice) and after nine years of writing, this little golf blog has morphed into something else. I enjoy clacking away at the keyboard everyday because it brings me joy and I am grateful for all the visitors to The Grateful Golfer. ,Now, ongoing intent has expanded so that I provide the readers with fresh ideas on how they can improve their game and to read about the successes and challenges of playing golf regardless of one’s ability. Although I am enjoying punching out an article daily (currently sitting at 630 days in a row) I sometimes wonder if The Grateful Golfer is worth the read?

Before going any further, I do want to point out that I am not fishing for compliments. I am just musing about the effort of daily writing and hoping the variety of topics that I cover hit the mark of freely sharing tricks and tips about golf in the hopes that it helps the readers in a small way.

The success of many blogs are measured by the number of visitors, clicks on the site, and revenue garnered by the content. Personally, I am not driven by any of this because I feel that if one or two people enjoy an article or two and it helps their game, then I am happy. Since inception in 2012, approximately 440,000 readers have visited my site; this year alone 1/4 quarter of that number has already happened. So, interest in The Grateful Golfer seems to be building. However, knowing how the internet works, this does not always provide a fair assessment of the quality of the material and the value readers will garner for the time the spend visiting.

You will notice that I do not advertise on The Grateful Golfer. I receive plenty of offers to collaborate, host a link, or sell some advertising space, but that is not what this little golf blog is about. First, I write for my mental health; second, it is fun; third, I actually have to endorse a product to host a link (this does not include product reviews which I enjoy doing); lastly, I want to share “the golf world according to me” freely and without any expectation of a financial gain. This blog is all about improving my 3 foot space by freely sharing my thoughts and tips with respect to golf. Hopefully, my daily musing are a benefit to the readers and if so, they can pay if forward.

Over the years I have written on a plethora of topics. I do not consider myself an expert in any capacity, but do feel that my experiences might help others speed up their learning curve. Learning from others success and failures could be a benefit, only you, the reader, can decide.

Again, I am not sure The Grateful Golfer is worth the read, but rest assured that I will continue writing for the immediate future. As I suggested earlier, the benefits for me (on many levels) helps drive my desire to continue to write. On as side note, I do have a few frequent visitors who comment on my writing. These visitors add great value to each article; so, if you are reading a post, do not forget to read the comments as well.

Lastly, I am grateful for all the loving support my wife provides every day. She offers suggestions and corrections 😉 from time to time that enhance the quality of my writings. As always, she is the foundation of my world and her support is priceless!

I hope you are enjoy reading The Grateful Golfer as much as I enjoy writing. It is part of my daily routine and helps fan the flame of passion for my golf game. I am not sure what direction The Grateful Golfer will take in the future, but for now I am going to stay the course.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


14 thoughts on “The Grateful Golfer Blog – Is It Worth The Read?

  1. The Grateful Golfer is worth the read for me. Of course, some topics are of more interest than others, that is expected.

    I monitor several favourite sites on a daily basis. The Grateful Golfer was added to that list after our hickory day at Osprey Links last year. What attracted me to it is your personal journey. I have enjoyed getting to know you better through the blog as well as the other contributors. I find myself contributing more comments to your site than to the others I monitor because I can relate to your journey.

    I hope that you will continue the blog, although in my opinion, it does not have to be daily. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there, it is appreciated.

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  2. Jim, if you write ’em, we’ll read ’em. That being said, I can appreciate the difficulty to write every day and keep up with good quality and fresh content. If it feels forced, feel free to slow down. If not, keep going. Ultimately it’s about what brings you enjoyment. Good luck with whatever you decide!


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  3. Hi Jim, I enjoy reading your blog and it has helped me on my golf journey. I started playing 3 years ago and I was able to relate to your experiences along with the tips and instructions. I appreciate the time you put into it and thanks for sharing with us everyday.

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  4. Whether it’s worth the read or not is up to the readers personal metric. If we didn’t think so, we’ld go somewhere else. You know I find it worth the read since I comment so often. lol

    Besides, no one here in my house cares to listen to my golf stories. Putting them here, at least I can pretend a few do. 😎

    We got rained out from our planned away trip today. I chose a course to the north and that was the wrong direction. But two of us got a round in here at home so it wasn’t a wash out. The guy I played with today is one of the few who hit shorter clubs than I do around this course. His 4 hybrid flying about as far as my 3 wood. But I beat him by 2 today. My putting and wedge work were solid if my longer game wasn’t exactly through the first 16 holes and I kept the damage to 3 over par for the round. My only real complaint is it should have been two over. I had two chances at it and blew both. A 3 putt after driving the 195 yard par 3 which is hole 17 really hurts but what hurts worse is not getting back because you three putt after driving the par 4 18th. 😒 It’s like a flip was switched and I hit the long stuff good and the short stuff not so good unlike the rest of the day. That kind of gets me wondering why as I’m sure you can understand.

    So I’m both grateful, and confused. Golf is life. That’s why we love it. And why I’ll be back out tomorrow. Our foursome is going to check weather in the morning and head any direction the weather isn’t. And at the end of the day, I’ll check for your next post.

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    • Kevin,

      Thanks for your story. Your success and woes add to the value of The Grateful Golfer. I hope the weather cooperates and you get to play. Here, it is cooler and I have yard work to do……winter is coming!

      Cheers Jim


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