The Grateful Golfer Blog Exceeding All Expectations

When 2020 exploded onto the scene, I had high hopes for what this year was going to bring! Who would have thought that the whole world would be affected by a global pandemic. As spring slowly unfolded, my blog traffic continue as per normal. Nothing exciting, but consistent. I was happy with the results and forecasted that I would receive the same numbers as the previous year; approximately 85,000 views with 50,000 visitors. Then something happened, in May (the same month that my home course of Osprey Links opened), The Grateful Golfer received a massive uptake in numbers!

I am grateful for all the support at The Grateful Golfer blog.

In June and beyond, my blog was receiving 2, 3, and 4 times the number of views per month than from years past. The number of visitors is already 50% higher than last year. Truthfully, I am overwhelmed by the support and I am grateful for anyone who deems my blog worthy of a visit. Who would have thought that during this world crisis, The Grateful Golfer would gain traction and have it’s best year every.

After 8.5 years, I still use my writing as a outlet for my health challenges. After two incidents, the fear of relapse is possible and staying focused on other things is a great benefit for my personal mental state. I mention this because it is important that my intent of talking about golf is rooted in maintaining a healthy outlook. My vision and reason for my daily musings has not changed and likely will not in the future. The success of the numbers is purely secondary.

Of course my mind goes to why in 2020 did The Grateful Golfer gain in popularity. I think that fact that I write everyday (sometimes it is a rant) is a great benefit. Additionally, the number of people who have taken an interest in golf probably has an influence on my recent success. I looked back and found that my articles were nothing profound (in my mind) or drastically different from years past. The interest in golf is growing exponentially and I think The Grateful Golfer is benefiting. How lucky am I!

I want to thank everyone for dropping by and in some cases providing comments to my musings. I am grateful for my blessings and look forward to writing more. Have an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


12 thoughts on “The Grateful Golfer Blog Exceeding All Expectations

  1. You are a motivation to all of us Jim. Your character remains “top-drawer” and your fight through cancer inspires us all. To my best buddy, you definitely inspire me. Kirk

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