Get The Ball Rolling…..Or Not!

Chipping, like putting, is a very personal skill that most golfers have developed to one degree or another. Over the past few years, I adopted the practice of getting the ball rolling as quickly as possible around the green. I believe that this technique saves me strokes, but I realize that not all players feel the same way; it is a matter of choice.

I adopted the process of putting with my 7 iron (yes, I used the word putting on purpose) around the green because I like to have the ball roll to the pin as much as possible. Of course there are limitations to this using this technique, yet it is for the golfer to decide which situation warrants which club when chipping. Personally, I am all about using a 7 iron as much as possible.

Now that you understand my chipping approach, I found a video that explains how I set up my 7 iron putt. That is, except for three things which I will discuss below:

The two differences in my setup are minor. I do them to add feel in my hands and comfort over the ball. In no particular order:

  • The first deals with chocking down on the grip. I may not go all the way to the bottom of the grip, but I am close. There is a position where I am comfortable hunched over the ball and I think that this also applies to you. Too low and I stress my back; too high and my mechanics suffer. So, it is important for you to find your comfort position.
  • I use my putting grip when chipping with my 7 iron. This grip helps increase my feel when chipping. Additionally, I hold the club softer and it keeps my wrists locked. These are all good things as I make solid contact through the ball and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.
  • I never considered moving my left foot back a half a ball. I do not flair my foot as mentioned in the video, but I square both feet on my target line. As I think about it, this might be the reason I miss right more often than not. I guess I have something to consider next time I am practicing with my 7 iron around the green.

The title of the article might be a bit misleading. The entire aspect of my diatribe today is to roll the ball as quickly as possible when chipping with my 7 iron. The proof is in the pudding because my up and down stat has increased since I started using my 7 iron around the green; hence my overall score has dropped a stroke or two. And this is a good thing for sure.

Do you use a 7 iron around the green to chip? If not, what is our go to club?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Get The Ball Rolling…..Or Not!

  1. I like to use my 7 iron which has 35 degrees of loft on most of the golf courses I play. On courses with lightning fast greens, I will switch to an 8 iron as I find that more loft helps judging the weight required like my putter. Playing lots of hickory golf has reinforced the value of the ground game and has improved my short game.

    I have also found that using grips with less taper make it easier to grip down on the club which helps keep more consistency in the stroke.

    We are still playing in temperatures a little above the freezing point and I find bump and runs a lot easier to manage in these conditions.


    • Lorne,

      Less taper on the grip for better control. That seems to be similar to the hickory sticks I played with last summer. I do not find this as an asset, but will look at it more deeply in the spring. Thanks.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, depending on distance to the hole, I will choose from a LW, PW, or 8-iron. I will default to a PW because I’m most comfortable with it. Your strategy of maximizing roll and minimizing flight is spot on.


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  3. What club I use is super dependent on the situation of course. When the situation calls for it, I’d more likely use my 8 than the 7 personally just because it allows me to get closer to the ball and I find it better allows me to add a tiny bit of putter like forward press. I’d choose that over a putter so I can save bouncing around the first cut before rolling out on the green when I’m on the fringe or in the throat. The 8 would skip across the rougher grass easier and with less deflection or might even just carry it so I didn’t have to worry about some tuft of grass sending it off course. Anywhere else though and I’m more likely to have one of my wedges in my hand. I’m not playing with muscle back irons and I find my wedges easier to control than putting with a cavity back that might come off really hot when you least expect it.

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    • David,

      I have found that the 8 iron does not work well for me. Also, I use my sand wedge. Funny how each players uses different clubs to suit their game. That is why golf is so fun, there are really no right answers except what works for the individual.

      Cheers Jim


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