President’s Cup International Team Finalized

After not writing for the past week or so, it is time I get back to the writing desk. Our house renovations are nearly complete to a point that we are able to relax and enjoy what comes next. So, I thought it is time for me to start using my quill.

Today’s note will not be long. It focuses on the President’s Cup being held at The Royal Melbourne Golf Club from 9-15 December 2019. Ernie Els has made his final selections and thankfully their is a Canadian on the team.

Congratulations to Adam Hadwin on being selected. With a Canadian on the team, the International squad now have my vote to win. I will do a bit more research and discussion on this upcoming competition, but for now I will just say, again, congratulations Adam Hadwin!

Do you watch the President’s Cup?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “President’s Cup International Team Finalized

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