Play Golf With Better Players

As an amateur athlete in multiple sports, I always aspired to play my best. Of course that did not always happen, but for the most part I can look back and confidently say that I rarely left anything on the playing field. This desire was driven from an innate drive always want to improve. My golf game is no better and I enjoy seeking new and better methods to lower my golf score. Yesterday, I came across an interview by Rory McIlroy that struck home. And I think it is worth sharing.

This is what Rory had to say:

Find better golfers and play a round with them is such sound advice that I need to repeat it:

Find better golfers and play a round with them!

I am a strong believer in this statement. It is harder to improve if I never step outside my comfort zone to play golf with a better player. It is like going to golf school for 4 hours. The amount of positive information I receive is amazing and sometimes profound.

I experienced this exact advice a few years ago in a Match Play event at Osprey links. I played against a better player and walked away with a boat load of things to work on. If you are interested you can read my article titled: Playing Golf With Better Players.

I believe that Rory McIlroy has offered one of the best piece of advice for any athlete. We get better by playing and watching better players. If we have an open mind, we can use their experience to vault our game to a new level.

Personally, I will play golf with anyone. I thoroughly enjoy playing with better players. This year, I had the opportunity to play golf with two players that were the same handicap or better the I. Both Bruce and Matt beat me in the Club Championship Match Play events. They had different styles and approach the game differently. The benefit for me is that I was able to analysis how they played and take a bit away from each. Now, I need to develop a strategy to incorporate what I learned. Oh, the fun.

Thanks to Rory McIlroy for reminding me about playing golf with better players. It is sound advice that I hope to use again next golf season.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Play Golf With Better Players

  1. Jim, nailed it. I love playing with better players. As you mention, you can pick up tips and habits to emulate and I also find it helps to sharpen my own concentration. This is assuming that they are not so much better that I fall into an intimidated state. That’s rarely the case but it did happen once to me.

    You are to be commended for your willingness to play with anyone. I too enjoy the company of all but prefer not to play with a beginner unless I’m assisting them in their effort and don’t really care about my own game for that day.

    Good read; thanks!



    • Brian

      Thanks. Playing with better players is definitely on my list of things to do each golf season. It is a bit challenging, but I always seem to find a player or two that can help. As far as playing with anyone, it is my way of paying it forward. I some strong influences early in my golfing days, so I figure I can share my experience as well.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Excellent message from Rory and thanks for sharing. If we open ourselves up to it, there is likely much we can learn from better players. I’d guess it’s often about their mental approach to the game and how they manage misses. Something to reflect on for sure in these cooler months. And with all that said sounds like I need to play with you one day, I’m sure there’s much for me to learn!!

    Thanks, Mike.


  3. Tough to do sometimes, but I believe it. I know it can be really hard to play my best when I’m playing with golfers who really struggle. And while I don’t always see an immediate benefit from playing with better golfers, it has helped me fix area’s that I lacked focus in like set up routine for one.


    • Kevin, that sums it up quite well. It is a challenge to play well with players who are struggling. That becomes a mental challenge for me to stay focused on my game and not theirs. It is something I work on as much as possible.

      Cheers Jim


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