Open To Suggestions On The Golf Course

I often wonder why players would be open to unsolicited advice or instruction on the golf course. I have seen it countless times where someone will offer swing or strategic strategic advice without being asked. For full disclosure, I was (emphasis on was) a player who spoke up from time to time without any considering I was over stepping the boundary of being a good partner. Now back to current day. I think that many players would benefit from some advice, however I do not think that it should come from anyone without agreement from both players.

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Is Your Set Up Wrong For Your Golf Game

Our golf game is unique as every snowflake. Regardless of your skill level, every players has something special about their set up. The reason for this cannot be limited to one thing, but generally we all have a different body shapes, flexibility, and muscle movements that drive our desire to create a set up that works for our game. From time to time, I forget to use my unique stet up to ensure I am playing my best golf. But that is my challenge and one I know and understand all too well. Knowing how set up is very important to my game, I do have a tip that I want to share because it is a fault I made in years past and one I make from time to time.

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Sage Golf Advice From A Grateful Golfer

A regular reader of The Grateful Golfer offered some sage advice that I felt I needed to share. Kevin, provided a list of things (his mantra) follows to shot lower golf scores. His response to my post yesterday was full of great points that golfers at all experience levels could heed and benefit. Thanks Kevin for your words of wisdom; keep them coming.

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Looking at a Golf Training Aid – Need Advice

I am looking at some training aids for my long off-season for indoor use in my garage. I have an Orange Whip and thought to add this golf training aid to the mix. So, my question is pretty straight forward:

Any thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Play Golf With Better Players

As an amateur athlete in multiple sports, I always aspired to play my best. Of course that did not always happen, but for the most part I can look back and confidently say that I rarely left anything on the playing field. This desire was driven from an innate drive always want to improve. My golf game is no better and I enjoy seeking new and better methods to lower my golf score. Yesterday, I came across an interview by Rory McIlroy that struck home. And I think it is worth sharing.

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