Great Golfing Advice From Grateful Golfers

One of the awesome things I like about The Grateful Golfer is my plan to willingness to freely share all things golf. I think it is important to be open to suggestions and sage advice of other players/readers who have experienced some of the same golfing issues. It is these helpful people who expand my knowledge about and understanding about golf. They also aid in my continuing quest to increase my knowledge of this fun sport.

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Are You Open to Suggestions

Are you open to suggestions about your golf game? I mean, having someone (other than a pro you pay to help) offer unsolicited advice about how to improve your golf game. Personally, I am open to any conversation, but I will have to admit that I am a bit remiss for a player offering solutions to problems they have yet to solve. I am not sure why a player would accept such advice, but it happens quite often at the course.  Continue reading

The 2016 Ryder Cup – Advice

It is difficult to imagine what is going through the mind of the players preparing for the Ryder Cup. Each will have their own methods of preparing for the most famous team competition in golf! Regardless of how they prepare, it is important that on Friday morning, they bring their A game.

Reading many articles on the Ryder Cup, I can honestly say that there is plenty of ‘white noise’ that might be a distraction to the competitors. Keeping the players focused is the heavy task of the Team Captain and the Vice Captains. Chosen for their experience and understanding of what the players are going through, they will likely offer sage advice, however it is ultimately the job of the players to step up and play well.

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Where Do You Get Your Golf Advice?

The amount of information about golf is amazing. I think we need to have the skills of an information officer to effectively sift through the reams of data. During our searches, we stumble across sources that we feel we can trust and use them in future searches.

I had recent discussion with Tony Dear, shortgameking1, and Kelly Crumpler USGTF about sources and the value they bring during the selection of new equipment. We went through an entire gambit of thoughts that led me to think that there is a more powerful influence in the golfing world than the constant barrage of media ads. Continue reading