Open To Suggestions On The Golf Course

I often wonder why players would be open to unsolicited advice or instruction on the golf course. I have seen it countless times where someone will offer swing or strategic strategic advice without being asked. For full disclosure, I was (emphasis on was) a player who spoke up from time to time without any considering I was over stepping the boundary of being a good partner. Now back to current day. I think that many players would benefit from some advice, however I do not think that it should come from anyone without agreement from both players.

I play golf with a regular group. We have a predetermined agreement to help each other if we see something out of the ordinary. We agreed to this because over the past 5 years, we came to understand the goods, bads and uglys about our game. Thus, we are a good sounding board for each other and are not afraid to speak up when needed.

Understanding our agreement, we still confirm about unsolicited advice when the situation is something new or steps outside the arcs of fire we had previously established.

Our agreement stops if there is someone outside our normal foursome. With a new player, giving unsolicited advice would not be conducive to a harmonious round. When a new factor (player) is added to the group, we automatically revert to golf etiquette where we keep our yap shut unless asked. This is highly unlikely that the new person would ask, so we just play our own game without any sidebars on advice.

The only unsolicited advice I can offer is to know your group and keep your thoughts to yourself.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Open To Suggestions On The Golf Course

  1. Our group takes it one step further, and never gives swing or game advice on the golf course. We may make a comment about someone’s game after the round. Most of the time the advice is not followed anyway. There are two guys in our group that aim way right, and despite this manage to shoot pretty good scores. When I told them about this, neither one of them corrected the problem.

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  2. Such a delicate subject !
    I have been on both sides of this issue over the years and have come to the conclusion that unsolicited advice advice is only suitable for beginners. I have been on the receiving end occasionally and have not reacted well depending on the person delivering the advice. It takes a strong friendship and knowledgeable partner to make unsolicited advice a positive experience.

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    • BMc

      That is for sure about a strong friendship. Many times in our group we can tell when the advice is not wanted on that day. Most of the time we talk about club selection and the impact of the wind and course conditions. Ultimately, we understand that the final decision is the players’ and we have to leave them to their game. Also, when we discuss things, we explain our logic and that really helps with the entire process.

      Cheers Jim


  3. This is one unwritten rule that just needs to go. If you are playing any form of competitive golf and get angry over someone giving unsolicited advice, you’re going to get a ton of it and you’re going to lose. Grow a thicker skin. And if you’re in a friendly game and get mad over getting some, then you’re a fool because you don’t have to pay any attention to it. You can also express a desire to not here it without getting mad about having to. After all, it’s a friendly round so that advice, good or bad, was probably meant to help. Grow a thicker skin.

    And if someone abuses the privilege or is condescending in how they deliver it, then, talk it out or simply don’t play with them anymore. Finish the round with them or without them. But don’t let them wreck your day. Grow a thicker skin.

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    • Kevin,

      Thicker skin is something many of us could develop. As far as your first point, if someone offers unsolicited advice, they could be in breach of rule 10.2a, so I do not anticipate it being an issue. As far as a friendly, I agree that if one does not want advice they can ask the player to keep their comments to themselves. Open and calm discussion is the best way to handle this topic for sure. Thanks for your view.

      Cheers Jim


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