Is Your Set Up Wrong For Your Golf Game

Our golf game is unique as every snowflake. Regardless of your skill level, every players has something special about their set up. The reason for this cannot be limited to one thing, but generally we all have a different body shapes, flexibility, and muscle movements that drive our desire to create a set up that works for our game. From time to time, I forget to use my unique stet up to ensure I am playing my best golf. But that is my challenge and one I know and understand all too well. Knowing how set up is very important to my game, I do have a tip that I want to share because it is a fault I made in years past and one I make from time to time.

In my earlier years, I spent a great deal of time concentrating on my pre-shot set up. I would go through my checklist to ensure I had all my swing thoughts set before I made any attempt to make a shot. I would ensure that I knew I was ready prior to any movement, but I would still miss left or right. I was at a loss to figure out why.

I will not go through the long and tedious process on how I figured it out, but the video by Danny Maude should speed up the process.

I was so focused on the process that I forgot to keep my end goal at the forefront of my pre-shot processes. I would just step up and go through my checklist and think I was ready to swing. Well, I was ready to a certain degree, but not fully. I would forget to focus on my target.

To rectify my process failing, I made some changes to my pre pre-shot routine. I realized that I needed to start with focusing on seeing my target first, then use the rest of my routine to execute the shot I intended to make.

I realize that all of this seems silly, but I can tell you from watching other players that they have their pre-shot routine down, but do not understand why they continue to hit their ball off line. I have been there and it took me a while to realize that I was focused on the process and way less on the results of where I want to hit my ball.

My advice for the day is to take a look at the whole process from aiming to executing. Over focusing on one aspect of each shot would only lead to continual frustration as to why things are not working out the way they planned.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Is Your Set Up Wrong For Your Golf Game

  1. Hi Jim, the setup routine for me usually starts ok, but sometimes during mid swing the brain goes blank, and when that happens the ball could go left or right, even sometimes straight, but I have no idea why this happens, or how to correct it.

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    • Pete,

      That happens to all of us. What I do is focus on my hit point and count to one after contact before making any attempt to follow the ball. This usually keeps me focused enough to make a consistent swing. I hope you find what works for you soon.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I tell beginners to focus not on the tree in the distance but a branch on the tree, a knot on the branch etc. The more focused I am on a very specific target, the better my chances of hitting a quality shot are.

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  3. I’ve always put my club behind the ball and set it’s direction to the target before stepping in. That insures I’m always pointed in the right direction and have the best chance to get it moving in the direction I want it. I set up to the club face, not the ball. It also helps keep me from getting fooled by crooked tee markers. I do it with every club, driver down to putter.

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