A Quick Putting Lesson from Jack Nicklaus

Putting is key to low golf scores. This is no revelation and not very profound, but something most amateurs (including myself) forget from time to time. I have my own putting style that I described it many years ago (Start with Part 1 if you are interested) and it follows most of Jack Nicklaus views on putting. I mean why not, it he is one of the greatest ever. So, today I thought I would offer a quick tip from Jack Nicklaus to help you with your short game.

Instead of talking you through it, here is a quick video with two of Jack’s tips. I particularly like the second concerning the follow through:

Putting is the great equalizer and I never stop researching the best methods by the greats. I then try what they have to say and keep what works. **Note – keep what works!** Not all tips and hints from elite players works for me and probably not for you either, so learn, practice, and use what does work for you.

I just have to show this clip again, it makes me laugh every time!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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