A Quick Putting Lesson from Jack Nicklaus

Putting is key to low golf scores. This is no revelation and not very profound, but something most amateurs (including myself) forget from time to time. I have my own putting style that I described it many years ago (Start with Part 1 if you are interested) and it follows most of Jack Nicklaus views on putting. I mean why not, it he is one of the greatest ever. So, today I thought I would offer a quick tip from Jack Nicklaus to help you with your short game.

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Finishing Your Golf Swing

This might seem like a natural thing, but I notice recently that I do not always finish my golf swing high or in the right position. I am not sure why I do this from time to time, but it happens and generally the results are not good. It happens with all my clubs except my putter and I cannot, for the life of me, think of why I do this!

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High Soft Golf Shots by Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson has started to share his wisdom in shot videos. I for one appreciate his efforts to educate the masses. His recent clip on how to hit a hit soft shot, not a flop shot, is perfectly timed because I am working on chipping in my basement off my DIY chipping mat.

What I like about this video is that he focuses on the weight distribution. I have mentioned this many times in previous articles that having most of our weight on the lead foot is critical to great chipping. Phil definitely empathizes this point.

He also mentions the importance of letting the club do all the work. So many times I have watched players mess around with the lie of the club only to skull their ball across the green. Our equipment is designed to help our golf swing if would only let it.

Finally, watch his follow through. It finishes very high. Like working in the bunker, a high finish is key to a success chip from any distance. We often think we need to abbreviate our follow through because of a shorter distance, well Phil just proved that is just not so.

I hope this tip helps your game, I know it will help mine.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Seven Things to Remember When Swinging A Golf Club

When first learning to swing a golf club, there are hundreds of things beginners try to remember. The amount of white noise rattling around in their head is a constant source of distraction, frustration and knowledge. For many would be golfers, breaking down this information is very important to improving and really enjoying the game. Continue reading