Working On My Follow Through

As the beginning of my season starts to unfold, I need to work on every aspect of my game to ensure I can quickly get back to midseason form. This is my process every year because it is tried and proven to be successful. The trick is to pick the specific area that needs my immediate attention and quickly re-establish my fundamentals. I have already talked about putting a couple of posts ago, now it is time to focus on my follow through. Why my follow through you may ask, well that is a very good question.

During my first two rounds, I found that was pulling my ball left more than usual and my divot was not happening after the ball contact. This tells me that I am either out of position during set up and/or I am not following through on the proper path. Regardless, both can be fixed by focusing on my follow through. So, that is what I am going to do. Before I talk about some of my efforts, here is a great video that will help me keep zero in on my technique.

The specific movement I will focus on is the extended position about a foot in front of the ball after contact. This specific movement, in my swing, requires me to keep my head still and focused on my contact point for a count of one after hitting the ball. Keeping my head still allows my upper body to extend into the follow through position. It really is that simple…..or at least simple to focus on. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do all the time. That is why I need to take the time to focus on my follow to ensure I am able to make consistent contact on my intended target line.

How will I know that my follow through is working properly, well that is a bit more complicated. Mostly, it is feel with a mixture of positive results. I have a specific ball flight that improves my angle of attack and allows my ball to release very little on the green. I am hitting my ball higher with my new Mizuno irons only when my follow through is executed properly. And my new angle of attack is what I need to keep producing so I can go pin hunting without fear.

As you can surmise, virtually all parts of my golf swing, and likely yours, are intertwined. But, I have to work in small steps at the beginning of the year. My experience is that if I try to move too fast, I will only have a set back in a few weeks or so. Therefore, my follow through is next on my last. After that…..who knows. As long as my scores continue to lower, then I know I am the right path.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Working On My Follow Through

  1. Jim, your steady head is a swing thought that will solve a lot of problems. The follow through remains a result of what’s taken place before it and I find it difficult to focus on a finish position but rather use it as a post swing indicator. Good luck with your adjustment!


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  2. The drill I learned to get the proper position is very similar, but maybe easier. The one I saw was just like the one I’ve posted below minus the towel. It’s something I can even do on the tee box before I set up if I feel the need.

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