Hitting A 3 Wood With Success

Hitting a 3 wood off the fairway is a challenge for many golfers. We either hit the ball thing or hit the ground before the ball. From time to time, I will experience these hitting errors, but I learned many years ago how to successfully make solid contact with 3 wood. If I miss this shot now, then my error is on the thin side producing a very low ball flight. I know what the error is for my game, but I thought I would turn to a professional to properly explain the challenge and how to fix it.

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Refining Your Wedge Play For Lower Golf Scores

Hitting consistent accurate wedges is the key to lower golf scores. Often referred to as scoring clubs, hitting the proper wedge, the right distance, at the correct height is a skill that I have worked on for years. In my mind, I think I understand the mechanics to hitting great wedges, but it is never a bad idea to revisit (or learn for the first time) how to control the height of a golf shot with a specific specific wedge. Being able to manipulate the trajectory by adjusting the angle of attack of an approach shot is an advanced skill, but one every golfer will need to eventually know.

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Working On My Follow Through

As the beginning of my season starts to unfold, I need to work on every aspect of my game to ensure I can quickly get back to midseason form. This is my process every year because it is tried and proven to be successful. The trick is to pick the specific area that needs my immediate attention and quickly re-establish my fundamentals. I have already talked about putting a couple of posts ago, now it is time to focus on my follow through. Why my follow through you may ask, well that is a very good question.

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Angle of Attack

The angle of attack in golf is a fuzzy subject for me. I understand it, but have never really been able to explain it very well. Mark Crossfield does a very good job in the video below.

This makes total sense to me. How about you? Is your angle of attack correct or do you need to adjust something? Let us know what you think!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!