Hitting A 3 Wood With Success

Hitting a 3 wood off the fairway is a challenge for many golfers. We either hit the ball thing or hit the ground before the ball. From time to time, I will experience these hitting errors, but I learned many years ago how to successfully make solid contact with 3 wood. If I miss this shot now, then my error is on the thin side producing a very low ball flight. I know what the error is for my game, but I thought I would turn to a professional to properly explain the challenge and how to fix it.

Chris Ryan is a great resource for any golfer looking to improve their game. He explains swing mechanics so beginners can understand the concept and offers simple, repeatable drills to help us with our game. Successfully hitting a 3 wood off the fairway is not different:

Understanding the angle of attack when using any club is very important. Ryan explains it as that a slightly (he emphasized slight several times in the video) steep descending swing path is a good thing when hitting a 3 wood off the fairway. I particularly like the drill of placing a tee a few inches in front of the ball to be used as a target very helpful. I have used this drill in the past with success and I helped me adjust my ball position to accommodate the goal of the drill. This drill is simple and gives immediate feedback. That is a win win for all players looking to improve their game.

I would like to add one more tip when hitting our 3 wood off the fairway: keep your head focused on the contact point for a count of one after contact. This simple, yet important, movement ensures that I complete my swing before I lift my head and watch the beautiful ball flight. Keeping my head still for a count of one after contact has elevated my consistency. Ideally, I do this with all my clubs, but that is an article for another day.

Hitting our 3 wood well off the fairway can have its challenges. Using Chris Ryan’s drill of a tee slightly in front of the ball will help us make solid and consistent contact. If we can master this shot, then lower scores will be in our future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Hitting A 3 Wood With Success

  1. I had matching Titleist 917F 3 and 5 woods, the 5 wood was so much easier to hit in all situations that the 3 wood went to a lucky Kijiji shopper. I was happy to give up 10 – 15 yards but have a much higher success rate off the ground. Its 225 off the Tee and 210 from a good lie, I can live with that.

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    • BMc

      I have done the same things in the past with clubs that just do not work. I am happy with my 3 wood, but would like to squeeze a bit more distance if I could. Likely, I will have to be satisfied with the ground game I have now.

      Cheers Jim


  2. That’s a good drill. A nice way to visualize what’s needed. It helped me to choke down on the club too. I will still do that today when I feel the need for more control for any reason.

    My 4 wood was certainly good to me yesterday. I can’t blame it on my loss in the skins game. I hit every green I used it on. Both the 1st two holes I used that club, made the green and 2 putted in for birdie and the 1st two skins of the night. The other two having had a little bad luck with their chips and being left with long birdie putts.

    Unfortunately, that was the end of my run. lol And the end of my skins too. Still, it’s part luck out there when it’s 3 of you. Which holes will two of us do well on and which holes will two of us just par or of course sometimes worse. And they had the luck the rest of the night. I helped hold them to just 3 and 4 but with only two myself, that makes me the loser for the night. Oh well, ya can’t win em all.

    It was a good night of golf though. All three of us shot under par. My failing was putt reading. I’m getting more speed with your technique than I’m imagining so I’m expecting more turn than I get. But since the misses have been pretty consistent, I think it might be possible to take my read then reset my aim accordingly.

    Not sure if I’ll need that tomorrow on Wentworth’s fast greens. I’ll certainly be expecting less break there at least. But at least with what I’ve seen looking back at this weeks putting, I have a base I can use to adjust my aim if I see it happening. And I expect my brain will catch up eventually anyway. For now, I’m sticking with it. I like the initial results even if they aren’t perfect. I never expect them to be.

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    • Kevin

      I am glad you are liking my suggested putting technique. Two aspects that I add for fast greens is putting off the toe of the club and lessening my grip just a bit. Both of those help take the zip off the ball after contact. Let me know how you do at Wentworth.

      Cheers Jim


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