Spring Is Almost Here: Indoor Practice Drills To Get Ready

I continue to chip and putt every day in preparation for spring. We are just a few weeks away, but I am always willing to try new things before the ranges open. Kevin, a constant supporter of The Grateful Golfer, pointed out a video about setting the club first before aligning our body when making a golf shot. I admit that I have done this in the past, but seem to have gotten away from the habit. It might be time to revisit this approach. Additionally, the video offered some other excellent tips that I thought are worth sharing. Take a look!

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It is Freakin’ Cold Outside!

Yesterday morning as I walked to my car, I heard an all too familiar sound of crisp cold snow crunching under my boots. The sound reminded me of the frost on grass late in the fall. The difference was that yesterday it was 28 degrees Celsius below zero! It was freakin’ cold.

Even though I was dressed in many layers (as good golfers do to stay warm) I could still feel the cold penetrating my clothing and the frost rising from my every breath. As I drove the 30 minutes to work, the ice fog eerily surrounded my car as I followed the black salt cover road in the darkness. So what does my lamenting about the cold have to do with golf; that is a great question!  Continue reading

Golf Drill – Chipping Drill Using Practice Flags

Simple golf drills are the best! With 15 minutes of chipping practice before my round, I try to simulate what I will experience on the course. This drill uses the available course equipment and works all three of my Titleist Vokey wedges.

I like to start with my gap wedge, then sand wedge and finish with my lob wedge. I keep the same launch spot for all the shots for consistency of aim during all the chips. This drill follows the KISS theory and I use it almost every time I warm up.
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The Grateful Golfer!

Jim Finish

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

After a week off from golf, I had time to reflect about my season and my golf experiences. I have to say, that I am a grateful golfer! For the past 10 years my game has improved both in score and experience. However, since starting The Grateful Golfer Blog in May 2012, all aspects of my golf game have improved! A year ago, I wrote a blog titled “What is Important in Golf” and that list has not changed. But I have a few new things to be grateful for:

  1. The continued support from my beautiful wife! She keeps me grounded and focused on what is important in life and golf.
  2. The new friends I have met at the Roundel Glen Golf Course. Their positive attitude keeps me motivated!
  3. The awesome golf tips I receive from White Dragon Golf, All About Golf, the Crunchy Golfer, and MindBodyGolf. Also, their continued support for the past two years; they make it fun to talk about golf!
  4. Connecting with hundreds of people from around the world who share the same passion I have for golf!
  5. The support from strangers when things are not going well. The always extend words of encouragement!
  6. Learning how to control my ego – this resulted in fewer errors in course management and lower scores!
  7. How golf continues to teach me things about myself and others! It is a gentlemen’s game and by keeping that philosophy, it has helped shape some of the positive aspects of my life!
  8. For my best scoring season ever! The conversations, tips, hits, drills and positive support from everyone has helped lower my handicap to 2.8. The lowest ever!
  9. The laughs, joys, jokes, and camaraderie I have with my regular golfing group. I look forward to our weekend games and appreciate their company every time!

As you can see, my being grateful is not completely tied to how I score on the golf course. This year, I did play well, but I attribute much of my success to those around me. The have all helped reshape how I approach my golf game and as a result, I have experienced many great things on and off the course. There is no question that Norman Vincent Peale was correct when he said “Change your thoughts and you change your world!”

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, supports, advises, and passes on my ramblings! Golf is a fantastic sport, but the real treasure is in the connections we make with other golfing fanatics!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Now What!

Whats Next?The golf season is officially over for me!  It is a sad day, but not unexpected.  So now I have to prepare for the long off-season.  I have an idea of where to start, but I thought I would ask you first.

So, I am reaching out for ideas this year. Should I start with goal setting, a fitness program, finding new drills, asking experts, reading or nothing until January?

Well, all-seeing and all-knowing audience; What is your advice?


I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links in 6 months!