Hitting A 3 Wood With Success

Hitting a 3 wood off the fairway is a challenge for many golfers. We either hit the ball thing or hit the ground before the ball. From time to time, I will experience these hitting errors, but I learned many years ago how to successfully make solid contact with 3 wood. If I miss this shot now, then my error is on the thin side producing a very low ball flight. I know what the error is for my game, but I thought I would turn to a professional to properly explain the challenge and how to fix it.

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A Drill To Improve Golf Ball Contact

The ability to coordinate all body movements to make solid contact is challenging at best. If you are an aspiring golfer like me, any advantage gained is one that is hard to overlook. I found a straight arm drill years ago that help me improve my swing, but for some reason I have lacked in practice to sustain previous successes. Regardless, I have found a video reminding me that I need to practice this simple, repeatable drill to improve my control, balance and weight shift through contact.

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A Chipping Drill For All Situations

I have tried many chipping drills. Some have helped and others…..well, not so much. I do support trying to use the same chipping technique for most shots around the green, but switch clubs to achieve the desired results. I have tried many different drills to hone my chipping skills and I have found one that I use repeatedly throughout the season. It works well for short game and I think it will help yours as well.

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Spring Is Almost Here: Indoor Practice Drills To Get Ready

I continue to chip and putt every day in preparation for spring. We are just a few weeks away, but I am always willing to try new things before the ranges open. Kevin, a constant supporter of The Grateful Golfer, pointed out a video about setting the club first before aligning our body when making a golf shot. I admit that I have done this in the past, but seem to have gotten away from the habit. It might be time to revisit this approach. Additionally, the video offered some other excellent tips that I thought are worth sharing. Take a look!

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It is Freakin’ Cold Outside!

Yesterday morning as I walked to my car, I heard an all too familiar sound of crisp cold snow crunching under my boots. The sound reminded me of the frost on grass late in the fall. The difference was that yesterday it was 28 degrees Celsius below zero! It was freakin’ cold.

Even though I was dressed in many layers (as good golfers do to stay warm) I could still feel the cold penetrating my clothing and the frost rising from my every breath. As I drove the 30 minutes to work, the ice fog eerily surrounded my car as I followed the black salt cover road in the darkness. So what does my lamenting about the cold have to do with golf; that is a great question!  Continue reading