A Drill To Improve Golf Ball Contact

The ability to coordinate all body movements to make solid contact is challenging at best. If you are an aspiring golfer like me, any advantage gained is one that is hard to overlook. I found a straight arm drill years ago that help me improve my swing, but for some reason I have lacked in practice to sustain previous successes. Regardless, I have found a video reminding me that I need to practice this simple, repeatable drill to improve my control, balance and weight shift through contact.

Known as a straight arm drill, this drill helped me to first improve my balance. Once I was able to improve this aspect of my swing, I noticed that my weight shift and control improved. Primarily, my balance was the primary benefactor of this drill. Take a look:

As I stated before, I made great gains with this drill. No that I think about it, I can use this drill in my off season in my DIY driving net. I guess it is time to start a list of drills I can work on during the offseason and during my current season.

When I used this drill, I would alternate clubs between a 7 iron and a 5 iron. I found that these two clubs worked best for my game. When you try this drill, you will likely have to find the clubs that work for your game; I recommend you start with a 7 iron and adjust from there.

Making great contact will change all aspects of your golf game. I know it helped mine and now that I have reminded myself to use this drill again. When I do, I expect to see improvements in my iron play.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “A Drill To Improve Golf Ball Contact

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  2. Jim, fantastic drill. Nothing bad can come from this. Helps to solve for the flippers like me and the chicken wing follow through. If you watch closely, Tommy Fleetwood hits most of his iron shots like this. Great visual. Thanks!


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