Open To Golf Suggestions

Golf is a game that requires a fair bit of attention to master. I only know of a few players that I would consider to be naturals and even they have to put the time into be a better player. Generally, better players stick to their own game and avoid offering suggestions to less skilled players, even when asked. They understand that what works for them does not necessarily work for other players; especially if the receiver of the suggestion is not will to work on their game.

Teaching golf is challenging!

Over the years, I have helped many golfers to try and improve their game. I do not interject my views unless asked and even then I try to offer the fundamentals. Then I explain to players that they have to use and develop that information in a way that will help their game. I also explain that it takes practice to adopt these fundamentals in a manner that lowers they golf scores.

Experience has shown that better players are not necessarily the best resource for offering golf suggestions, but I understand why they are asked. Because they have a great grasp of the fundamentals it seems easy to take suggestions to them regardless if the asker is ready for the answer.

There is a special skill to truly help golfers improve their golf game. First the golf must be open to suggestions that might take them out of their comfort zone. Most amateurs think that hitting the long ball is the key to lower golf scores and seem despondent when I suggest that they focus their efforts around the green. Or mention that ‘the grip it and rip it’ approach to golf might be fun, but is not really the place to start. There is a special skill to offering the right suggestion, at the proper time, to proper player so it has the best impact to their game.

If you are looking to improve your game, be sure that you are open to the right suggestion when happens to fall into your lap. I always, I suggest seeking out professional help because they will lower the your learning curve and speed up your ability to lower your golf scores. Good luck on your golf journey regardless which path you chose.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Open To Golf Suggestions

  1. Having an open mind is always important if you want to get better at anything and golf is no exception. Being open to suggestions from credible sources and getting good instruction should help anyone improve if that is their goal.

    I believe that the vast majority of golfers really don’t understand what can make them better. As you have stated, most players are dismissive of the importance of the short game elements and are obsessed with distance as the solution to everything. It doesn’t help the cause with so much golf marketing focused on distance and it is so evident when you see the loft jacking in irons these days, but I digress.

    My suggestion to anyone trying to get better at the game is to first make an honest appraisal of the current state of their skills. Taking an inventory of your strokes over a few rounds can isolate the areas that require the most improvement and a place to begin.

    I will use myself as an example. Most of my game scores are between 80-83. There will be 18 tee shots, 4 or 5 being par 3’s. I normally hit 12 to 14 driver shots. A normal round has 30-32 putts. Looking a little closer, I typically only hit about 30% GIR. It doesn’t take long to realize that short game and putting make up the greatest opportunity to improve or maintain scoring.

    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses including the relative importance of each element of the game offers you the best opportunity to improve. Then taking focused instruction or at least getting credible assistance with the weaker elements is going to yield the best results.

    My personal observation is that most golfers are more focused on hitting everything as far as they can instead of accepting that golf is about getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes.

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  2. General Rule for anyone I play with – If you don’t have PGA Professional behind your name, STFU! You may see a symptom, but it is very unlikely you see the root cause of the problem, and even more unlikely you have the proper solution.

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