Staying Positive and Motivated During A Round Of Golf

Every golfer experiences moments of frustration and down right disappointment with their golf game. During every round, we hit poor shots (sometimes way more than we want) mixed in with great shots. Other times the opposite is true. Regardless of which game shows up, my experience shows that staying mentally positive and motivated is the best way to dampen the poor hitting moments during each round of golf.

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Open To Golf Suggestions

Golf is a game that requires a fair bit of attention to master. I only know of a few players that I would consider to be naturals and even they have to put the time into be a better player. Generally, better players stick to their own game and avoid offering suggestions to less skilled players, even when asked. They understand that what works for them does not necessarily work for other players; especially if the receiver of the suggestion is not will to work on their game.

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Focusing On Acceptance On The Golf Course

Do you ever get wrapped around the axle when making a poor golf shot? You know what it feels like to go from calm to extreme frustration to grudged acceptance of the result; I sure do. Lately, I have found that my emotions have played a more controlling influence in my game and I think it is time to dial back the reactions. I know many golfers wonder how this is possible and I think that there are a few things that can be done to temper reactions to poor golf shots, but it does take an awareness that the potential for a strong reaction is always just under the surface of your mental game.

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My 2021 Golf Season Starts Today!

The day is finally here and I will be teeing it up for the first time in 2021. I have waited, prepared, and dreamed about this day and thought it would never come. But, it is here and at noon EST, I will striping my ball down the middle of the fairway! After watching The Masters yesterday, I am psyched to walk 18 holes with my friends. And as my first round of the year, I have some expectations that will help guide me on my way.

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Pointing Fingers at Your Golf Partner

I love to play in golf tournaments. I think competition helps hone my game and make me a stronger golfer. Last year, I played in 8 tournaments that are designed as team events. Some of these were charity events and the score really was not important, but I I always like to play my best. And not matter what happens, I never point fingers at my playing partners. The whole ‘glass house’ metaphor comes to mind. I have watch other players crank at their playing partners and I think that is just bad form. Continue reading