Staying Positive and Motivated During A Round Of Golf

Every golfer experiences moments of frustration and down right disappointment with their golf game. During every round, we hit poor shots (sometimes way more than we want) mixed in with great shots. Other times the opposite is true. Regardless of which game shows up, my experience shows that staying mentally positive and motivated is the best way to dampen the poor hitting moments during each round of golf.

Over the years I have fell into the trap of berating myself for poor shots. I felt that I should have hit a better shot and would accept nothing less; my expectations were far to high considering my ability to hit consistent shots more often than not. The tender balance between my ability to play and my expectations would sometimes teeter in the wrong direction. As my game improved, my expectations evolved as well. It is a delicate process and I wish I had the resources of available today on the internet. Regardless, that was my journey.

I found this interesting video dealing with golf psychology. “Dr. Sarah Castillo, the Director of the Sports Psychology Program at National University, explains how to think effectively while on the golf course.” Thinking effectively just as important as having a great golf swing. I have learned this lesson through many trial and error experiences. I hope this video helps to shorten your learning curve:

Keeping control of our emotions, ensuring our expectations are aligned with our skill, and giving ourselves a break are only a few mental skills all golfers should master. It does take time, but the rewards are great.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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