Tips For The Beginner and Experienced Golfer

When fledgling golfers take up the game, they sometimes wonder about the basic nuances of the game. Well, not to worry because I found a video that will help you to start building a knowledge of the game that can be a great part of your leisure time.

Tip number 11 is a very good tip that many beginners overlook. I played many inexpensive balls over the years and realize that I did not always have to pay a great deal of money to find the ball that fits my game. I was never limited or loyal to a manufacturer because I believed and believe that each has something to offer every golfer.

The decision to play a specific ball is a personal one and I wish you luck on your pursuit of the perfect ball for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Tips For The Beginner and Experienced Golfer

  1. If you take away only one thing, the most important is practice more than you play. Especially practice the short game. Learn the clock system so you’re not always having to rely on feel alone. It pays more dividends than you can guess.

    I beat the best on the course tonight in our skins game. I’m third among them distance wise. Usually just shorter than number two but 2 clubs at least shorter than our longest hitter. But none of them match my game with a wedge and that’s why I win as often as I do. The wedges are the scoring clubs and they’re the saviors of our rounds. It’s that simple.

    As for balls, I’m not a believer that a premium ball is more helpful to our games than a cheap one. I use a very cheap ball made by Wilson and sold at Walmart in a bag of 24 for 16 bucks. I can lose 6 balls and still come out losing less money than a single ProV. And I see absolutely zero difference in my game so I see no reason to spend more.

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