Follow Through On All Your Golf Shots!

One of the most underrated aspect of our golf swing is the follow through. I have watched so many different versions of this critical move that I am confident that the follow through is an after thought for most amateurs. Years ago I know that I was focused on the position of my club at the top of my swing vice where it finished. As my knowledge and understanding of grew, I realized that my overlooking my follow through, I was negating all the effort I made in the other aspects of my swing. Well, I am here to say that if you do not have an understanding of your follow through, you are likely holding back your golf game.

As I analyzed my swing, I realized that my follow through showed that I am a twister with very little weight shift. I worked on this challenge (and continue to do so) because I want to have a more complete swing without having to force any part of my swing mechanics. This is a good example of a limited golf swing, pay particular attention to my left hip position after contact:

I was told for years that my swing looked great and that there was very little area for improvement. Well, I can tell you that my follow through was very limiting and I struggled with being a short hitter for most of my career. Fast forward to today.

When I am playing my best golf, my follow through is effortless and exact. The thought process I keep in mind is to point my belly button at the target and to finish high. These two mental notes help my body complete the other basic movements of a strong follow through. Just to clear up an important point, the follow through is not only where the club finishes. It really is a whole body movement. I found a great video that describes a follow through that I am trying to emulate that is also a simple, repeatable drill. It is definitely worth a look:

In my case, I find that swinging at 90% percent of my capability allows my body to comfortably complete all aspects of my golf swing; especially my follow through. It is interesting that I am more accurate and garner the same or more distance. Unfortunately, my desire to ‘grip it and rip it’ over rides my mental strength to perform a complete swing. It is a fact of my game sometimes with which continue to struggle. Regardless, I know what I am suppose to do to lower my golf scores, lets hope I can perform this way when I play today during the hickory stick event at Osprey Links!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Follow Through On All Your Golf Shots!

  1. Your biggest distance killer (and most of us are like this) is not holding the lag long enough. This clip shows it plainly. Watching in slow motion I can see the club is released too early. There should still be a 90 degree angle between lead arm and shaft when your hands get down to belt level. Your shaft is almost parallel to the ground already at that point. I can’t tell you how to solve that. I can only point it out. But if you want more distance, that’s the area I would concentrate on.

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