Open To Golf Suggestions

Golf is a game that requires a fair bit of attention to master. I only know of a few players that I would consider to be naturals and even they have to put the time into be a better player. Generally, better players stick to their own game and avoid offering suggestions to less skilled players, even when asked. They understand that what works for them does not necessarily work for other players; especially if the receiver of the suggestion is not will to work on their game.

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Working With Professionals Pays Dividends

A week ago, I experience a delicate process of harvesting my stem cells. When I arrived at Ottawa General Hospital, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the staff and their calm demeanour. Of course, I was like a duck; calm on the outside and running a 100 yard dash on the inside. As they prepared me for treatment, I marveled at their expertise, confidence and their ability to work within a controlled chaos environment. The nurses were fantastic and as I watch them responded to the various unexpected situations for four hours, I could easily see that working with professionals pays dividends. Continue reading