Have A Fantastic Friday!

I played golf with my good friend Marc yesterday and we had a fantastic time. It was a time to continue to reconnect, hit some great shots, and relish in the beauty of walking the course. As I sit here thinking about my past week of golf, I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunities to repeatedly experience the my passion. How blessed am I.

I do not have any golf words of wisdom today, but I thought I would wish everyone a Fantastic Friday.

Enjoy your day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Have A Fantastic Friday!

  1. At the amateur level golf is truly about fun with friends. I moved away from my home course ( Osprey) a few years ago. I am enjoying my new course ( Blackhorse) and have made so.e new friends in the process. I do however look forward to returning to the Bay and golf with my old crew. I will be up in a few weeks to play in the DeMarco tournament at Clear Springs . As we get older these times become more and more important. I am grateful for it all. Cheers Jim!

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    • Mitch

      I agree. As amateurs we need to be grateful for the things we enjoy about golf and not to worry about things we cannot control. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your new course. I too am enjoying my new home course in Mattawa. It is important that we get out and make new friends to continue playing the game we love in a fun environment.

      Cheers Jim


  2. It is so important for us to count our blessings and to be grateful. I am particularly grateful today after our Hickory Friday. My group today included my friend John that you met last month, George and Mike. John had open heart surgery in late May and spent ten days in ICU. George had hip replacement surgery six weeks ago and was playing with me for the first time since being given the green light to play.

    Mike and I play together several times per week and appreciate having relatively good health. We are truly thankful that our two friends that have endured so much could join us on such a beautiful day.

    So with that background, todays better ball loonie match ($1 coin) pitted me and George against Mike and John. The match was close and finally turned in our favour on the final four holes when George birdied three of the last four holes and we won one up. I was so happy to see George play so well after suffering for the last several years.

    I played my usual “boring old man golf” as Mike terms it resulting in a nice six over 78. Mike had one of his best days with a 79 and George was 81 thanks to the late birdies. John has had better days.

    It was a great day for many reasons.

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