Heading to the Golf Course

Heading to the links! Whoot!

It is about time I made an appearance at my local golf course. The owner and staff at Osprey Links are second to none as they have offered unwavering support throughout my treatments. The customer service alone would be the reason I will return in 2019. My plan is to head to the course on Monday or Tuesday, grab a cart and  loop a couple of holes with my friends. I doubt I will be swinging my clubs fully, but I figure I could take my putter and wedge and hack around the green with the boys. This will be a great first step and do wonders for my mental state.

I know the guys will be happy to see me out on the course and will not balk at me playing a bit. Of course this is out of the norm and I have to aware of the other players on the course. So, I have imposed a few restrictions as not to disrupt the flow of play:

  • If someone is waiting to hit, do not chip or putt.
  • If open, chip only from 10 yards from the green.
  • No putts longer that 25 feet.
  • Tend the flag for the players.
  • Have fun.

I realize I will be excited to hit the links, but it is important to keep my head and be aware of those players trying to enjoy their round. As much as I would like my first outing to be all about me, it can’t be. So I will fit in where I can and be grateful I am out on the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Heading to the Golf Course

  1. I hope you had a great time out there. My game this week left me feeling pretty good. And the weather cooperated about as well as you can ask this time of year. The greens were a little slow and bouncy because they had rain a few times during the day and they couldn’t cut it. So I was off a little on that score and only dropped two of my birdie attempts. But I was hitting my irons really well and had a lot of them inside of 12 feet which made me feel pretty good. And the rain I knew would come didn’t start until a few seconds before hitting my approach shot on 18. It was also kind enough to cool me off and not to become the hour long torrential downpour it was destined to be until after I finished up and got my car packed back up. I call that a nice day out.

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