Golf Tips From Magazines: Do They Really Work?

I subscribe to a major golf magazine and I am disappointed in the content. About half of the pages are advertisement (I understand the requirement) and about a quarter of what is left deals with topics, for the most part, I am not interested in. However, the last quarter of the magazine deals with tips and tricks on how to improve my golf game. I diligently read them, but find that are not very effective. I am not convinced I am receiving the value I expected from my magazine, but that is another discussion for another day; for now I wonder if the tips provided really work?

Personally, I run into challenges when the tip provides too many steps with very little description. One recent tip talked about Brooks Keopka generating power during his swing. Now the tip is well and good, but come on, I am no Brooks Keopka and will never be able to reproduce his swing. It was a fun read, but provide very little value.

I do get value from the tips about the short game. Whether they are talking putter grip, using a hybrid off the green or how to read a green, these tips help me formulate my strategies when playing and give me something to practice.

I will say that the most valuable (but rarely reported) tips are on course management. I am not the only one either:

Course management tips are always welcome. If the illicit thinking, then the tip is worth its weight in gold. Golf is a cerebral game and I find that any help in course management is a good thing. I sometimes, as most amateurs, get into a rut of playing the same club all the time without thinking; this is a trap I try to avoid and reading about course management in my magazine helps me stay focused on the important aspects of my game.

Golf magazines offer many topics of conversation. Tips and tricks from pros are but one of the areas covered from month to month. Personally, I find it hard to follow many of the tips except for the short game and course management. Trying to improve all aspects of my golf knowledge, I need to sift through reams of data to find one nugget. Golf magazines are just one source, but for me the tips they provide do offer the value I expect.

Do you find value in the tips provide in golf magazines?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Golf Tips From Magazines: Do They Really Work?

  1. An emphatic NO! If I read a golf magazine I avoid the how-to tip articles like the plague. If I read one I’m screwed up for weeks. The course management articles have helped. I’ve got the Tommy Armour book from the 50’s and Harvey Pennick’s books and those are the information I like to work from. Good article!

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  2. I can’t say any swing tips have ever helped me by themselves. I can’t trust my senses to recreate what I see/read well enough. I mean maybe some simple things, but most swing tips involve movement. And without creating a video and watching what I am doing, I tend to get it wrong in one way or another.


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